Excerpts from the book ‘The Key’


The foundation of joy 

I want to dance in rain, blow bubble of soap 

I’m the inner child, full of life and hope 

I like to run and play, and shout and sing 

And scream with joy, as if no one’s listening. 



The inner child is the little child we were, who still resides within us, who desire to be nurtured, cared for and loved. It is the fun loving, happy, joyful, humorous us when we were young. It is also the emotional, sensitive, creative and imaginative us whom we have controlled and silenced. It is a part of us which is hurt, neglected, abused, ignored and hidden from you. This child is just below the surface, causing us to be anxious, worried and fearful of mistreatment. 


The inner child is that part of us which was left behind somewhere, which never grow up although, we physically did. It is simply defined by the qualities it represent and the behavior it exhibits, such as joy, freedom of expression, fearlessness, honesty, trusting, carefree, spontaneity, mischief, etc. All these and many more positive character is combined are a true portrayal of the inner child. 



The first step towards healing the inner child is to acknowledge that we are disconnected from it. We have to recognize the problem in order to find a solution from it. Here are few questions we can ask ourselves 

Do I often feel irritated, sad, angry, scared or shy? 

Am I unhappy in my relationship? 

Do I fail to express myself openly? 

Do I have a low self-esteem? 

Do I often feel hurt? 

Do I often feel angry or jealous? 



There is a child in all of us 

We disconnect ourselves from that child as we grow up 

One of the main reason of our miseries is this disconnect 

We must try to reconnect to that inner child