Excerpts from the book ‘Exam Warriors’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


Travel broadens the mind and gives you an opportunity to meet different people and experience unique cultures. Travel and discover the country after your exams.


Blessed with unparalleled beauty and diversity, India has many things to offer. The mountains, lish green forests, majestic rivers, historical monuments and forts-symbols of our rich history and traditions-tell stories in a way that you can never find in books.


I am sure there is a lot to see in your home town and state as well. Go out and explore your own place. Look out for unexplored and little-known wonders. Do not forget to share a picture with me, using Incredible India.


If you have not spent time with your family because of the exams, visit them. I remember, in my time, the moment the exams got over, children would go to their material uncle’s home. All the cousins would get together and enjoy. 


There is an interesting initiative, Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, to celebrate the cultural vibrancy of the country and bring states closer. The initiative includes several activities which will interest you. You can go and see a friend living in another state and invite that friend to visit yours. 


I had the good fortune of travelling to almost every district of India even before I became chief Minister. I experienced 


First hand how people across the length and breadth of the nation are different and yet so similar. This is truly unity in diversity.    


Set out to experience India. I promise that you will enjoy it.


ACTIVITY I :  Make a travel bucket list of the places you want to visit in India.