Guruji’s Message on Gurupurnima

My  very  Dear  Teachers,


You have given your life to teaching  SSY.


I  salute  your  dedication.


I have gone on discovering higher truths and sadhanas that make life on earth more enjoyable, loving, wealthy, beautiful and just.


The new training for meditators and teachers has been outlined. These are the systematic trainings in the five fundamental educations.


The fourth fundamental of creation of excellence and Beauty like 100% memory programme requires one pointed concentration on a subject or creation. 


This is usually available after we master wealth generation and resources become available for such ventures. 


The fifth fundamental is creation of places where people feel more than taken care of. People feel a sense of Gratitude for the place that nurtured them in all ways. These are the Peace Villages. 


Now, the opportunity for you is to either create or join a peace village. First, you can create Peace homes just outside the town in a few acres of land (especially in India). Later many peace homes can come together to create a peace village very easily. 


These are our centers of teaching by living. Once a person sees and experiences the miracle of living this way, they are automatically enrolled into SSY sadhanas of non – doing taken to different heights. SSY basic, AMC, BST are just the basic inputs to establish oneself in a Peace Home or village. 


I had stopped teacher trainings after 1998, when I saw that science of living cannot be a course of a few days. It has to be continuously expanded as a living. This is very easy by sat- sang way of life. That is the peace Village.


Still we require TTCs for SSY, AMC, BST, ISP, Pi, HMP, Marriage, Matrumandirs , Rishi Gurukulam etc.. All these trainings are continuous growth process for residents of Peace Villages.


I welcome you to learn this easy way of enrolling people to all SSY programmes by being in Peace Home or Peace village. People are permanently transformed. This is our gift to the  world.


Jai Guru Deva

Rishi Prabhakar