By Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakarji


Your vision must be bigger and better than what you can accomplish.


You may wonder that you could   not do small things; how can you take on bigger challenges? But the truth is that when you take up bigger issues, problems related to  smaller matters, disappear.

If a boy has graduated he will get a job and he mostly limits himself to that qualification and at the most he will get a few thousand rupees per month. Maybe he will get a raise now and then. But his potentials to grow are very few.


If a boy has done very well in his graduation   he is likely to do his post graduation and then research. But his potentials of growing in a research institute are at the most to be a head of the department. How much salary can he draw? Again his potentials are limited.


However, if a person is better qualified and very successful, at the most he will rise to the post of a  GM or CEO of a company drawing a salary of a lakh or so. Again his potentials are limited.


Opening Potentials


But assume that a person fails in his studies and is unable to get employment; he is forced to start a business. He now has the potential of earning even more than if he    was employed, or that of a CEO. He may even employ the successful students. (This has happen in many cases as Bill Gates employed all his successful classmates) So who earns more the successful student  or the failed one?


Suppose the student who failed started a company but failed in his venture. Now what can he do? He can’t be an employer. So maybe he can become a union leader, or a political  leader or even a Guru.


Reality is that a successful student gets caught up in his limited cycle    of work and lives in his comfort zone. Whereas a failed student is forced to jump out of his comfort zone and look beyond his horizons. His options expand such that he  may even become a businessman, a union leader, a politician or even a Guru.


Failure  or Success


In reality as he failed, his   options opened up. Whereas a successful student whether employed or self-employed looks  only at limited well-trodden paths. God should bless you, such that you fail totally.


Is Success the Only Way? Failure is success!  Success is failure!

Don’t get so excited or troubled about failure, it opens up new opportunities.

To jump from one step to the other requires courage and not hard      work.

* Unless you have total humility to accept that I am a failure as a   worker or businessman, you will not think of taking a new step to do something  else.


* It is only when you take this step that  God’s Grace follows.


* Only when you gather courage  to jump, higher potentials open  up for you.

* Don’t worry about failure. In fact,  it is a definite opportunity to get something bigger and see a bigger vision.