Ideal Education is ideal, when it is a mixture of yin and yang, where education focuses on both, the outside as well as inside. It is ideal when both the right and left-brain development is encouraged. Where learning the science of the outer world and learning the science of the inner world are equally important. True education is more an experiential learning, rather than a theoretical knowledge.

Hence, here the student is engrossed in learning how to learn, rather than what to learn. Here, the student is so engrossed by the process of learning, that learning become a joyful experience in his / her life.

Normally, as we see education in the set pattern of most schools, education is of theoretical knowledge. Here one learns or cramps up everything and forgets it the very next day after exams, because it is no more needed. In the ideal school, where freedom is the base, children are allowed to play and experience learning as a play, rather than as a burden. Such learning is a permanent etching on the mind, and naturally retained. No extra effort has to be made to remember.

The knowledge of the outer world, science, geography, history is taught in such an interactive way, through the use of audiovisual methods, computers, movies, workshops and group therapy that the child is fully engrossed.

Here, the child wants to go to school, loves to go to school and does not care about holidays. For this child, learning itself is fun and he needs no separate holiday for fun.

An Ideal school set up is, where subjects like vision building, organizing, planning, time management, communication, spirit, all is taken care of. Here the development of consciousness, and team building is given a lot of focus.

How to think – is taught rather than, what to think. How to learn – is taught, rather than, what to learn. How not to think also, in the form of meditation is given, making them think out of the mind, out of the box. These are all right brain methods of developing brains.

Ideal School children are given ‘Leadership Building,’ inward growth and given an entrepreneurship basis of education, rather than any other. Here vision, mission, values are given tremendous important. And children grow experiencing that education is the greatest experience in life. This is what I would say is an Ideal Education set up.