A Poem by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).


I saw the raindrops falling

I saw the clouds clapping

I saw the joy on the children

I saw them running out of their homes


I smelt the fresh earthly mud

I felt my body being tickled

I looked up towards the sky

I saw god smiling


Tears rolled down my eyes

My heart missed a beat

It was myself everywhere

It was god everywhere


There was a shiver in my body

There was a trembling in my soul

There was a “nothingness” all around

There was a dance everywhere


I saw myself floating …

Floating away, floating away

Towards all those who care….

Care to love….

Care to be loved


I saw myself one with the 

I saw myself merging with them 

I saw them one with me

I saw the oneness of the whole!


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