I Might go if ‘I’ go 


Only when we can remove the ‘I’ from our minds.


Let us take the example of Sri Kanaka (a great Bhakta of Krishna) Vyasa asked his Shisyas, “Who will go to heaven (searga)? “ None of them could answer his question.


This was because when they measured their level of gyana with that of their Guru they all felt they were not of the right level.


Only Kanaka said “I might go if ‘I’ go.” The others said, “What egoistic words he is speaking!” “The Guru alone could decipher and said, “What Kanaka means is, if we can get rid of the ‘I’ in us, we can go to Heaven.


He is a great person.

We don’t have the capacity even to understand the meaning of his words.” 



We go on judging on the words people say. 

We don’t go deep and understand directly.