I had a Dream!


I just had a dream…


If only I were the cloud

I would be floating in the sky


If only I were the sun

Than I would be shining brightly in everyone’s life’s


If only I were the moon

I would spread my soft fragrance to all creatures


If only I were a cuckoo

I would be filling the universe with beautiful music


If only I were the entire sky

Enveloping the whole earth with such majesty


Suddenly I woke up

The dream vanished

Then I realized

I am actually the clouds

Floating in the sky of R S V K


I am the sun

Shining in all peoples life who go through S S Y

I am the moon

whose fragrance showers to all non meditators

I am the cuckoo

Singing to one and all


Of course – I am the entire sky

Boundless, Boundryless, Infinite