Einstein invested his entire life and gave some theories to the world and the world has not been the same ever since. Thomas Alva Edison’s life changed the lifestyle of the rest of the world. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela gave birth to a new culture. The life of Milton and Tagore redefined poetry. Thyagaraja redefined music, Zakir Hussain brought a new status to the Tablas and Hariprasad Chaurasia added a new dimension to the flute. Roger Bannister and Edmund Hillary redefined human abilities. Socrates, Aristotle and Plato changed the thinking of the world. Every human life not only has the power to lift the collective consciousness of humanity.


Of all the creations, man alone is aware of death. Man alone knows his life has a limited lifespan. The context of death puts premium of life. The background of death demands a purpose and meaning from one’s life. When I live just for my today, I feel nice-a life of daily wages. When I live for my tomorrow, I feel good the salaried class. It is only when I live for what I can create for generations to come, then the motivation levels are truly celestial.


Every man has the responsibility to ask this question, “What can I add to this world that did not exist when I was born?” it could be writing a book, it could be creating breakthrough systems, it could be causing the birth of new culture-a new mindset, it could be transforming the life of a village, it could educating the masses… it could be anything.


The tragedy of life isn’t the ultimate death, but all the resources that are dying within man when he is still alive. And man’s greatest resource is his intelligence. That’s his creative power. Let that be used for the good of mankind. He came. He saw. He changed it all. And, the world has never been the same again.


The drop of protoplasm, that’s formed when the sperm enters the egg, grows into a foetus in the womb of the mother, only when it comes in contact with that formless source of life. In the womb of the mother; the form was with the formless in a state of unison. Through the process of birth, in coming in contact with the world outside, the inputs through the senses happened and the thus the mind came into existence. With the ‘mind’ coming into existence, the state of unison between the form and the formless was lost, causing the pain of separation, which resulted in the emotional personality coming into existence. To help the emotional personality to avoid the pain, the intellect also came into existence. Which means, before the first stimulus, there was unison between the form and formless; man was with God. And with the first sensual experience, the three intermediate personalities came into existence, namely, mind, intellect and emotional, and the unison was lost.