It is all very easily understood in the context of actors. Some actors are naturals , they just come alive in front of the camera, while some terrible actors generally  stun the audience with a rare marvelous  performance. And the one factor that makes all the difference is the director, a good director who knows how to extract a good performance from even a  below average actor. The medium makes all the difference.


Anything can be a medium, from conditioning to a situation, an experience in life to a person, just about anything. We are conditioned to behave and act in certain ways from the time we are young,, but that conditioning need not necessarily serve us well.


For instance, our optimistic or pessimistic attitude by how   we were conditioned when things didn’t exactly go our way. Did we learn to lament or develop a liking for challenges? Some situations and people bring out the best in us, and some the worst. Sometimes life throws us into rough waters and we learn to swim against the tide and sometimes we learn to go with the flow.  Everything is there inside us, but only some things should be brought to the surface. I often find myself losing my cool in certain situations, which implies that they are not the best medium for me. But if it means that I cannot avoid those, situations then I have to change my response and cultivate one that helps me handle the issue with a calm and even temperament. We all need a medium that can bring out the best in us, for the worst generally merges without much persuasion, or effort. The right medium brings out that which serves our evolution. And if we have found a medium that constantly engages and draws  out the good in us, we ought to hold onto it and embrace it with all heart. We’re likewise a medium.


I am just a Nimit. We all seek credit for our successes, however small they may be. We have put in conscious efforts to realise our goals. But without God’s grace, nothing is possible! So many times we lend a helping hand to other people. At one end there was a need, and the other end there was a requirement. We were instrumental in getting these two components together, because we knew both parties. But instead of realising that we were just instruments and bringing them together, we will cash in on the favour sometime later.


Why do we expect other people to return the courtesy when we extend a helping hand? Why can’t we help another person and just forget about it. Why do we impose a sense of obligation on the other person and make him return the favour, even if it is not possible for him to do so at that point of time.


I am just  an instrument working towards a higher force. God creates his own tools to operate in this world.  We’re not doing a favour  in doing good to others. But it is also essential that we learn this fine trait of doing good in forgetting about it. Instead on pinning the other person under our obligation, we need to realise that we were just instrumental in bringing about the good that happened. The good was meant to happen anyway. God chose us as it’s instrument. This thought  not only makes us more humble, but more importantly liberates the other person from any  sense of obligation that he may harbour for us. And if we earnestly look back upon our own lives, we will find that, we are what we are  and stand where we are today because some day in the past, somebody helped us, in some tangible or intangible form.


The person who has received the favour will never forget it. And at some point in the future, he will pass on the good deed by helping another person . He will think about and silently thanked that person who has helped him so many years back. Whenever he talks about that person, it will always be with respect, reverence and gratitude. Instead of cashing in on our favours, we need to learn to set off a chain reaction of goodness. And it will return, undoubtedly return, in some intangible form when they need it the most and we had almost given up on hope. That is the beauty of good deeds and happiness.Let’s learn to receive with humility.


Let us believe and the mantra that ‘we are just nimits  in the Masters plan. Let’s believe in passing on the good deeds and making this world a happier place to live in. Of all the creations, man alone can immortalize himself by what he creates and leaves behind.


Man alone has been bestowed upon with faculties with which he can make this world a better place to live in. And, intelligence is one of those faculties gifted to man, a faculty, by which man can lift himself as well as others.