“Get lost you dumb ass, you are a waste and make everything a waste. Get lost from here before things worst! The shopkeeper yells at the boy. Seeing the situation, a passerby wanted to help the boy and asked  the shopkeeper,’ cool, what was the mistake committed by him’? The shopkeeper retorted.” What mistake he hasn’t  committed’? Well if you  throw  him off suddenly , where will he go’?.


“Sir, he is a waste. In spite of investing so much of time and effort on him for the past one year, he causes the same issues repeatedly”. In the last one year, there has been no improvement in him. He is useless; I can’t waste my time and effort on him any  more.


The shopkeeper’s words,’ in the last one year, there has been no improvement in him. He is useless’, kept on lingering in my mind for quite some time. Oh god suddenly I had a realisation. The elevator, air-conditioner, Dell laptop, mobile phone, Honda sedan,Tissot watch  and all these machines keep doing the same things every day. Machines does things  perfect. But the’ perfect ‘term does not limit what I, as a human being can do. I grow with every experience and grow every day. Being perfect is a unit of measurement for machines. I am a human being. There should always be some growth, some progress in the way I do things in life.


A Zen master was asked, “what were you doing before getting enlightened’? He replied,’ chopping wood and fetching water.“Well what were you doing after getting enlightened’? He replied,’ chopping wood and fetching water’.” Were they the same”? asked the questioner.” Not the same, he replied, though the action seemed  same, there was a difference in the quality. My today should be better than  my yesterday.


The goal for today is 1% improvement. The way I parent my daughters, the way I take a class, the way I relate with my wife, the way I do my breathing practices, the way I perform my work at workplace. The way you cook, the way you eat, the way you work out, the way you worship, the way you relate with your loved ones, the way you sell, the way you do business, the way you feel, the way you think, the way you plan things, the way we live our life today, there should be 1%  improvement.


Human beings are in a sense like violins. Of all the musical instruments the violin

sounds the worst when played by a complete novice, but the same instrument in the hands of the great teacher can produce soulful melodies. The instrument is the same,


Actually, the difference is  more at the level of skill. A music box, however, will sound the same no matter who winds  it because you cannot create any variations in the tune or quality of sound, that is the extent of its capacity . The music inside us is not restricted to a single predetermined tune. Anything can emerge out of us, from the most vibrant music to soft, lilting tunes to scratch  terrible, nerve-grating  sounds. And it all depends on the medium that brings it out.