How to Think Big

Excerpt from the book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz.


What Causes Quarrels? 


Ever stop to ask yourself just what causes quarrels? At least 99 per cent of the time, quarrels start over petty, unimportant matters like this: John comes home a little tired, a little on edge.  

Little things, petty thinking, cause arguments. So, to eliminate quarrels, eliminate petty thinking. 


 5 Levels

Situation The Petty Thinker’s Approach The Big Thinker’s Approach
Conversation Talks about the negative qualities of his friends, the economy,  his company, the competition. Talks about the positive qualities of his friends, the 

company, Competition. 

Goals Sets goals low Sets goals high.
Vision Sees only the short – run Is preoccupied with the long – run
Security Is preoccupied with security Problems. Regards security as a natural companion of success.
Mistakes Magnifies minor errors.

Turns them into big issues

Ignores errors of little consequence.