Excerpt from the book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz.


Capacity is a state of mind. How much we can do depends on how much we think we can do. When you really believe you can do more, your mind thinks creatively and shows you the way. 



Your ears are your intake valves. They feed your mind raw materials which can be converted  into creative power. We learn nothing from telling. But there is no limit to what we can learn by asking and listening. 


Test your own views in the form of questions. Let other people help you smooth and polish your ideas. Use the what –do – you – think –of – this – suggestion approach. Don’t be dogmatic. Don’t announce a fresh idea as if it were handed down on a gold tablet. Do a little informal research first. See how your associates react to it. If you do, chances are you’ll end up with a better idea. 


Concentrate on what the other person says. Listening is more than just keeping your own mouth shut. Listening means letting what’s said penetrate your mind. So often people pretend to listen when they aren’t listening at all. They’re just waiting for the other person to pause so they can take over with the talking.  Concentrate on what the other person says. Evaluate it. That’s  how you collect mind food. 


Don’t let ideas escape. Write them down. Every day lots of good ideas are born only to die quickly because they aren’t nailed to paper. Memory is weak slave when it comes to preserving and nurturing brand new ideas. Carry a notebook or some small cards with you. 

Next , review your ideas. File these ideas in an active file. The file can be an elaborate cabinet, or it can be a desk drawer. 


Cultivate and fertilize your idea. Now make your idea grow. Think about it.