How To Raise One’s ENERGY?

Excerpts from the book ‘Super Leader Startergies!’ by Manoj J Lekhi (Amrut Vivek).

We get energy through various sources. As my master has explained we get energy through fi ve sources: Annamaya kosha, Pranamaya kosha, Manomaya kosha, Vignyanmaya kosha, Anandmaya kosha. 

Annamaya Kosha

It means, through proper food consumed, we can get energy, enabling us to do our work energetically and enthusiastically. Food can be further divided into: positive, negative and neutral.

When we say positive food it means food that gives us more energy than it takes to digest that type of food. When we say negative it means that the energy required to digest such food, takes away most of our energy. Effectively it depletes our energy. Neutral foods are those which do not give or take away our energy. That means the energy it gives and the

energy required to digest is the same. 

So we must be aware of which food to eat, how much to eat and at what frequency to eat. This way we maintain our energy at a high level throughout the day. Besides, make your food simple. The lesser, the better. The simpler, the better.

Pranamaya Kosha

Prana means the life force. This energy is kindled through our breathing. And by different postures and mudras we can direct our prana to various parts of our body directly. Just

by breathing deeply and properly we can increase the energy  or prana in our body. Prana can be sought through physical exercise too. There are many types of pranayamas, breathing

techniques which enhance our energy. Subtler than food is prana or the breath. Even subtler than the prana is the Manomaya kosha.

Manomaya Kosha

Thoughts are like food for the mind. Low vibration, neutral vibration and high or positive vibration thoughts foster low, neutral or high energy. Low vibration thoughts are jealousy, comparison, judgement, anger, frustration, disturbances, revenge, hatred, depression etc. All types of thoughts create a chemical in the body. The brain secretes a chemical either when it has a depressed thought or feels stress. Depressed means chemical release of toxins like cortisol, adrenalin and stress inducing chemicals. So low vibration thoughts secrete chemicals which block the system and finally has an effect on our health.

The neutral thoughts are neither harming nor elevating. 

The high vibrational thoughts like love, compassion, empathy, helpfulness, joy, laughter, ecstasy, seeing godliness or similar thoughts secrete chemicals of high vibration like endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

These chemicals elevate the spirit therefore if we can change our thoughts, our feeling can automatically change and our feelings bring about more thoughts of the same kind and secrete hormones of the same kind. Subtler than our thoughts are our belief systems.

Vignyanmaya Kosha

Our thoughts actually come from our belief systems. By continuously thinking the same way, the same feelings are continuously created, which create the same chemicals. When the same thoughts are repeated inside our mind it is called self talk. This continuous cycle of self talk, if repeated hundreds of times, creates an attitude. Attitudes repeated again and again create a belief system. Repetition of this again and again creates our perception towards life or the

way we look at life.

So if we can catch and change our belief systems and become much more fl exible in our belief systems, we can change the old patterns which are harming us and replace it with the new patterns which empower us. We can get super energy.

Some people can survive without food because of their strong belief system which they have created. Some can live with very less sleep. This again is a belief system. Some people can

do things, which normally many cannot do, all because of their belief systems. Tremendous energy is generated when we do not hold on to certain rigid beliefs and we just flow with life and align with the universal energy.

Anandmaya Kosha

And the last and the subtlest energy comes from our intention or consciousness. When life is all joy and we can remain happy in any situation, we are in a high state of ananda. This is the highest form of energy which can even heal cancer in a day’s time just like in Anita Moorjani’s case as described in her book ‘Dying To Be Me’.

This happens when we totally detach ourselves from the body and know that we are 99.999999% energy and only 0.000001% matter. As Guruji says, we are actually nobodies who have taken the body as a role. This awareness is so high, that we simply do not get attached to anything in the materialistic world. This is the highest form of energy we

get. More than getting, we realize we are energy.

We may experience this many times in meditation and if we keep this experience in mind 24×7 with eyes open, that is the highest form of energy. Through that we play the role of a

witness in this world. We experience the state of sakshi bhav. 

Knowing that everything is transitory aligns us with the highest form of energy. Living life with the understanding that all of us are simply vibrations aligns us with the highest

form of energy. 

If we know and work on our food, exercise, thoughts, beliefs as well as vibrations we open up the possibility of living for hundreds of years. So, if we want to energize ourselves we can imbibe all the 5 aspects and go through all the 5 pathways knowing that which is the subtlest and purest and most vital.

Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, my master repeated these points to us many times in his programme Kaya Kalp Kriya. All the above dynamics are also clearly explained in our programme

called ‘Mind Your Health & Weight’.

A Super Leader is mindful of all five levels of energies and brims to the top with all energies.