An Article by Manoj J Lekhi


Just as the highs are the peaks of our emotions, the deep troughs are the valleys of our emotions. Both are interlinked. We can see the beauty in the completeness. For our regular

seekers, since our awareness is sharpened through continuous inner sadhana practiced consistently through LiYA 1 hour, SCOPE camps, One Day Workshops etc., we can catch the troughs instantly.

The energy we get from food, exercise or thoughts is used by us either for GROWTH or PROTECTION. When we get low vibrations of fear, insecurity, anxiety, animosity, boredom, inadequacy, inertia, it shifts our body into PROTECTION mode. Growth stops. Body operates in GROWTH mode when we experience high vibrations. We need to take immediate action to rise to higher vibrations.  Here are a few affirmations to bring about the high-vibration state:

I accept myself the way I am!

I accept the moment just the way it is!

I love myself the way I am!

Even when I don’t like it and I feel low, I reframe my mind and read out my affirmations loud!

Whenever my low feelings arise, I acknowledge, accept and allow them. I allow my feelings to flow through me. I am perfectly fi ne with the way I feel.

It is difficult to directly shift from 20 to 80 level of vibration, but it is easy to change the direction. It is easy to flow downstream than upstream as represented in the vibrational

spectrum chart.

It is important to change the direction of our feelings when we are falling in low vibrations of 10-20 range. It need not be a jump directly to 70-80. We just need to flip the direction

and move toward 30-40. Step by step with all the tools we have learnt, can raise our vibrations to 40-50, 50-60, 60-70 and so on.

Tools we use to energize ourselves involve taking action consistently.

Here are few examples:


– Use your physical body to shake out of inertia.

– Express through bodily action.

– Take a Bath.

– Breathe deep.

– Exercise.

– Dress up.

– Dance.

– Sing a song.

– Paint.

– Cook.

– Read anything interesting.

– Write refl ections, a short article, blog.

– Listen to Music.

– Engage in drama/play.

– Watch a comedy show.

– Snap your fi ngers.

– Smile.

– Jump in excitement for no reason.

– Meditation.

– Reframe your mind.

– Do the Ho’oponopono mantras.

– Write down your ‘Wow’ moments.



– Write points of gratitude.

– Do affirmations – writing them, reading them and saying them aloud.

– Repeat them whenever you use the washroom.

– Read the sharings of great qualities people have mentioned to you.

– Love yourself in the mirror.

– Appreciate the beauty around.



– Look up into the emptiness of the sky.

– Watch the rhythmic waves of the sea.

– Be with nature.

– Talk to your best friend, your mother, your father about nothing in particular.

– Hear an inspirational talk.

– Read a motivational article.

– Look at a peaceful picture to get yourself to peacefulness.

– Look at a smiling cheerful photo of yourself.



– Take up a doable, challenging task.

– Once accomplished it empowers you e.g. read a story in Hindi/Gujarati or language not familiar; learn a new aspect of technology, write an article, learn a new shloka in Sanskrit.

– Participate in group activities to derive energy from others.

– Clear the clutter.

– Help others.

– Teach another.

– Play a musical instrument.

– Have an ice-cream.

– Hug.

– Attend a SCOPE camp.

– Revise notes.

– Listen to inspiration.

– Allow.

– Accept.

– Acknowledge the low feelings. Just face it, take action and then go beyond it.


A Super Leader takes action to go higher up on the vibrational scale.