By Guruji Rishi Prabhakar 

So far IITs and IIMs were the  creators and training grounds for  the most talented students. The   pity was that these students left    the country for studies abroad and lucrative jobs. A handful, like Sam Pitroda, returned to serve the  nation. Now let us look at where  the nation’s money should go for training  the  talented  to  serve  the  nation. 

  Here is a proposal for the HRD ministry and Knowledge Bank, prepared by a dedicated, talented engineer  who  returned  to  serve  India.  

  Future scholars must be trained from the 13th grade at nationally important institutes like BARC, ISRO,  NPL,  DRDO,  etc.  

These scholars, selected with special examinations like the JEE, will be apprenticed to these instit-utions where they will study and research. They will take about 8 years to complete their Ph.D. and become the nation’s servants, with jobs and experience. They will continue as scientists lifelong after Gurukul coaching where earning and studying are simultaneous.  They will be trained under great scholars of proven value who know whatever is needed to train them and have access to international cutting edge facilities right from   the start. No university in the   world provides  this. They will not think of leaving the country as they pay no fees and hence are deeply indebted for the opportunity. This will automatically attract the best and sincere. If this process had   been used, Indian engineers would have worked for ISRO instead of   NASA. 

  The same process can be used for training talented nation builders in manufacturing. These can apprentice in big projects such as SAIL, NTPC, HAL, HMT, BEL, etc. with  assured jobs and continue after their Guru-kul oriented degrees. Students pay no fees and work for 3 to 4 days which is sufficient to pay for boar-  ding and lodging. IITs cannot be      free as currently they lack manufacturing facilities. We must convert  all manufacturing units to univer-sities and reduce product-ion costs, with experie-nced hands, not just theo-reticians,  made  available.  

  Big industries like TELCO, TISCO, Leyland, Escorts, TVS, etc. can become deemed universities to create scholars needed for production rather than research. A research wing and teaching staff who are shop supervisors must be attached to  these  centers  of  production.