In Asthang Yoga, as stated by Patanjali, there are eight steps to Yoga, they are Yama, Niyama, Aasana, Pranayam, Pratyahara, Dhar ana, Dhyaan, and Samadhi.

Yama deals with how you operate in the world. It pertains to rules bet-ween you and society. For example society brings forth traffic rules, rules for tax payment, rules for non-smoking areas, etc. These are all rules set by society for one and all.

Niyama deals with rules for your self. Rules for one’s self are set up by you, for yourself, so that you can grow as a person, to be a more effective and dynamic person, and for you to live healthily. This is called, self-discipline.

If we observe the whole of Mother Nature, everything goes in a particular pattern. The sun rises, and sets at more or less at the same time, and gradually changes as per the season. The seasons also come in the cycles. Day and night is in a cycle. Everything in the Universe moves around in cycles, or patterns. Similarly, we also move along with the same pattern. When the sun rises we get up, when the sun sets, the body feels the need to rest. These are particular cycles.

In the same way people who set up cycles for themselves, and et up rules for themselves are very, effective in the world. People who are consistent in what they think, say and do are very dynamic, and effective in the world.

All great managers definitely have this one quality in them. It’s about consistency and regularity, about what they take up and live. They may exercise regularly in the morning, it may be keeping a silence day once a week, etc. They may eat a certain type of food to maintain a high level of health. They may also follow exercise or Pranayam as a self-discipline.

These are rules, which they set up and diligently follow, then it becomes very easy to live life.

However, any extremity has it’s own pitfalls. So if one is fanatically disciplined, then definitely he will not be able to live very excitingly.

So again the 80 / 20 rule applies. You need to be disciplined, consistent, and regular, in whatever you take up. But if 80% of time you are like that, it’s good enough.

20% of time one needs to break the discipline, the rules, and regularity, so that the excitement of life always remains. If you are exercising everyday, it’s good to take a break so that the body is at ease, in Samadhi with the other side also.

If one eats Satvic food, it’s good to eat Rajasic or Tamasic food once in a while, so that one does not feel too egoistic about his eating habits, or also to give the body other type of food, to know the difference between Satvic and other foods. So following rules is wonderful,  following self-discipline is wonderful, to be very effective and dynamic. At the same time breaking them once in a while, is also very healthy.

Most people in the world follow 20 — 80 rule — that is, most of the time they do whatever they feel like, and 20% of the time they just decide to be consistent.

This happens on every New Year. We make New Year resolutions, which is followed only 5% and 95% forgotten and gradually totally forgotten. People who are inconsistent in their discipline and habits are normally not successful and not effective in the world. Only people who are consistent in what they think, say and do are very effective.

So if you are a person who is not consistent, start today.

Just for your reference we enclose a ‘Time Management Chart,’ which you can fill, and what ever you fill, follow it consistently. You may cover all areas of your life. It may be physical, mental, spiritual, social emotional, professional, at work or in your organization, or family. See that you give ample of time, to all these areas. You can fill this chart follow it for 90 days and you will find a dramatic change in your life.