How Rich Can you Be?

Excerpts from the book ‘Money Wealth Abundance’ by Manoj J Lekhi.


Let us have a look at the common man’s perception of richness:


Ask any ordinary person, ‘How rich are you?’ and their estimation of their richness will be as per the tangible riches they have: my bank balance, house, property, shares, debentures etc. This is how they measure their richness – from outside.


Ask anyone what is more important, outer richness or inner richness? Everyone will answer ‘inner richness’, yet, they will struggle all their lives trying to accumulate outer richness.


We ask a simple question, ‘Why do you work?’ People work to earn money. Ask, ‘Why do you need money?’ They will probably say that money is needed to buy comforts. Ask again, ‘Why do you need comforts?’ They will answer that it makes one happy. Then we ask: ‘Suppose you are happy directly, do you need to work?’ But everybody will struggle for the work, in the belief that happiness follows hardwork; however, true richness is being happy for no reason, by ‘Doing Nothing.’


You may be working hard, doing lots of things, but if you don’t feel the strain, it ceases to be hard work: it simply feels like play. Take, for example, the case of a person playing cricket for ten hours a day. His body may protest with aches and pains, but he knows he enjoyed the game and that he had a great time playing cricket. He was simply ‘Doing Nothing.’ In action, he did a lot, but in experience he is ‘Doing Nothing.’ This is the experience of ‘Doing Nothing.’


There is another way to measure, another kind of richness, which is inner richness.


Inner Richness


There is no tangible measurement in the inward journey; it can only be felt, as inner richness.


Richness comes from sharing. The more one shares, the more one experiences richness. Richness is determined by how much love you have for others, by how many friends you have – that’s how rich you are!


The more you feel loved by people, the richer you feel. And, this happens by you giving 100% of yourself to the world – tana, mana and dhana (body, mind and wealth, respectively).

Upon interacting with people, I realize that many of them readily give their time and body. However, of the three (body, mind and wealth), they are most possessive about their money. People cling to money, thinking that money is what life is all about.


Richness comes out of giving. I invite you to actively start sharing tana, mana and, especially, dhana with your friends, neighbors, NGOs and the world, and experience richness.


Balance in Universe


Whenever you want something and you declare that you want such and such a thing, declare, also, what you are giving in return for that thing that you want. Then, the cycle is complete, and the universe blesses you.


This way, you receive blessings from everyone towards getting what you want; and that is because you are going to give it back to the society.


Nature Recycles


If you observe Nature, everything is recycled, including our bodies, which go into the earth and are recreated. Everything in the universe, including money, is recycled. Recycle your money through giving.


The faster you recycle it, the richer you feel!


Miracle of Sharing and Abundance


The quicker you share your tana, mana and dhana, the quicker you feel richer. Start today and see the miracle.

My master says: ‘How rich you are is measured by the ability you have to earn people’s trust.’


People trust you because you have shared and given your life for others. So, just start living for others and beholding the miracles happening in your life. Richness is not measured by the bank balance you have. Richness is the amount of love you get. This is called the ‘Love Account.’ It may be determined by the number of hugs you get in a day. Mother Teresa was receiving a thousand hugs a day.


Being a rich man is all about how many people are willing to give their lives for you. Being able to hold true relationships with people is the best measure of richness.