Excerpts from the book ‘How Full is Your Bucket?’ by Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton.




The five strategies 


1) Prevent Bucket Dipping 

2) Shine a Light on What Is Right 

3) Make Best Friends 

4) Give Unexpectedly 

5) Reverse the Golden Rule 


1) Prevent Bucket Dipping 

After hearing the theory of the dipper and the bucket, one man we know decided to put it to the test. He was looking for a way to eliminate his own dipping from others buckets. So he developed a simple habit of asking himself if he was adding to or taking from the other persons buckets in each interaction. He told us it was a difficult habit to get into at first, but after some time, he realized it was working. By catching himself before he uttered a negative comment and in some cases making a more positive one instead he started making himself, and the people around him, feel better. 


2) Shine a Light on What Is Right 

Every time you fill a bucket, you are setting something in motion. 

When someone fills your buckets, accept it never just brush it off and diminish what that person is doing. Fill their bucket in return by saying thank you, letting them know that you appreciate the compliment. 


Do you want to see how much bucket filling you do compared to other? On our website, you will find a 15 question positive impact test designed with just that purpose in mind. the test was created to help you determine if you are filling buckets on a regular basis. 


Some visions I may want to add in my vision book. 

1) I have helped someone in the last 24 hrs 

2) I am an exceptionally courteous person. 

3) I like being around positive people. 

4) I have praised someone in last 24 hrs. 

5) I have developed a knack for making other people feel good. 

6) I am more productive when I am around positive people. 

7) In the last 24hrs, I have told someone that I cared about her or him. 

8) I make it a point to become acquainted with people wherever I go. 

9) When I receive recognition, it makes me want to give recognition to someone else. 

10) In the last week, I have listened to someone talk through his or her goals and ambition. 

11) I make unhappy people laugh. 

12) I make it a point to call each of my associated by the name she or he likes to be called. 

13) I notice what my colleagues do at a level of excellence. 

14) I always smile at the people I meet. 

15) I feel good about giving praise whenever I see good behaviour. 


Begin with the most important people in your life. Tell them how important they are to you and why. Don’t assume they already know even if they do, they probably love hear it anyway.