Excerpts from the book ‘Work Ethics’ by PM Narendra Modiji.


(The government is committed to the development to villages – the progress of villages is the progress of the state. Banaskantha. April 26,2002)

In these times of development, farmers should get proper returns for their hard work. In the past, farmers were exploited by middlemen and often forced to sell off their crops at rock-bottom prices, which were not even sufficient to cover their own labour. We can imagine how difficult this would have made their lives.

The state Government is making a lot of efforts to save farmers from exploitation. Farmers were facing numerous problems in spite of being the owner of their own land. We have finally won the fight for farmers’ rights against the Central Government. Farmers have finally received the money for crop insurance, which they were not getting since 1985. Previous government used to make up tall stories about the Government for poor,’ giving promises delivering on many but not them. It was strange that members of those who died indeed family after consuming hooch during compensation or riots were paid by the government, but the family of a farmer who died while digging in his fields or of snakebite while tending to his crops, did not get a single penny. Isn’t this a gross injustice to farmers? There is nobody to support the farmer who works day and night to fill the state’s granaries. What could be worse than this? I thought that when farmers. 


Meet with big or small accidents and face loss of limb or life, the family’s tears dry up after some time, but we must find a way out of such situations. That is why the State Government has provided insurance for all the farmers at its own expense.

The State Government has provided every with a ‘Khedut Pothi’ (farmer book) and a Farmer’s Credit Card. We had arranged a farmers’ welfare fair at Banaskantha and embarked on the mission of reaching our targets for Farmer’s Credit Card, so that no farmer will have to mortgage his wife, daughter or sister’s jewellery to raise money and also to rescue farmers from the exploitative clutches of local moneylenders. Exploitation will also stop because the government has arranged for farmers to get money directly from banks. When farmers do not have space to store their crops, they are compelled to sell at low prices. At such times a floor price is essential to ensure that they do not make a loss. For the first time, the Gujarat Government has bought corn, millets and groundnut crops from farmers at a predetermined floor price so that they are save from debt and suicidal situation. 


The entire nation will be happy only if villages are happy, not otherwise. In order to bring happiness to villages, our efforts have been directed towards developing infrastructure through the Gokulgram Yojna and maintaining unity through the Samragram Yojna so that villagers can live peacefully and solve their problems on their own. It is our vision that in the days to come, every village would still be a village, but it would have fresh air, water and milk, its population would be under control and people would be living with feelings of brotherhood. This would empower them to face the world. If the son of a farmer in Banaskantha is studying or working in America, he should be able to check the 7-12 statement of his village land on his computer, while sitting in America. We want this level of development for our villages- we want a revolution. Villages should have the best of what the world has to offer – this will lead to development and stop the fragmentation of villages. Therefore, the State Government has drawn up phasewise plans to create modern infrastructure and lifestyle and an environment of scientific advancement and harmony in every village. Farmer will be able to generate income from innovative projects such as Gobar Gas, which will create electricity and gas from dung. We want to create a system that will empower villages and make the villagers happy.