Today we celebrate 75th anniversary of Independence in India!

My question to you is, are you really independent?

What does Independence means to you?

As Guruji has said that independence is not outside, independence is within.

When we are in Non-Doing we are independent.

When we are doing anything joyfully for the sake of joy itself that is Independence.

When we enjoy the process of what we are doing that is Independence.

When we are doing anything not worrying about the outcome, that is Independence.

Yes, we want an outcome but we are not attached to the outcome, that is Independence.

Independence is, when we love others unconditionally, irrespective of their thoughts, words or behaviour towards us.

We love them because we know they are me and I am them, that is Independence.

How do I get this Independence?

There is no short cut to independence. There is only one way constant and consistent Sadhana, that is what is Independence.

Wishing you all a very happy INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Thank you Guruji for giving us all the understanding of Independence,
The process of independence,
The path of independence.

Now it’s all up to us to whether we want to walk the path, do the sadhana and with how much intensity.

Once again happy INDEPENDENCE DAY!