From talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar 

Q: Guruji, when does Celebration start? 

Guruji: When you have to do nothing, then celebration starts. When you have something to do, work starts. 


Q: What is right direction for all action? 

  Guruji: For action to be proper, first you need to be in Yoga then become Yogastha Kuru Karmani. It should be directed in one direction. When you are one with that person, there is no question of right and wrong. When you are happy within yourself, there is no question of disturbance with or from others. 


  Q: How do you go to yoga? How do you become totally content with yourself? 

  Guruji: By akarma (Non-doing) you become Yogastha (established in yoga). 


Q: How do you get into silence?

Guruji: By doing nothing. The Guru teaches you how to live in akarma.


Q: Who is a Guru? 

Guruji: A person who gives you direction is a Guru. Once you are in yoga, all your actions are OK. 


Q: What you have to do to be in yoga? 

Guruji: Nothing. 


When you stop doing anything you go into yoga. Whatever you do here is also non doing. Just quietly being with everyone in the Celebration. 


So many of us get together to be in silence. That is also Gurupoornima. You require some access, a doorway for everybody to be together that doorway is the Guru. 


So you worship that person who helps you to be in silence. Everywhere you go there is a demand on you to do something. 


When you go to Guru you get peace, you stop worrying, and ultimately everybody wants to be peaceful. ~