Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


Do you want to build a nation or  just  suck  on  the  nation?


People in power can easily suck the nation rather than build a  nation.


A CEO in a big national public- service unit near Bangalore, simply plundered the unit by offering many hard earned machines of the unit for cheap sale    and  destroyed  the  factory.


More than the CEO, it was the workers who guarded the factory. It was their bread and butter  being  stolen.


It is time for the younger generation to build and protect the nation from people in power who  suck  it  dry.


Unions are present not for merely protecting the workers’ interests but to protect  national  interests.


Unions must ask managers hard questions  on  management.


Railway unions must ask for faster trains rather than asking   for  slower  trains.


If people at the grass root level cheat, certainly they cannot question the big elephants at the top  for  looting.


Now junior officers must write notes and comment on senior people’s actions in public forums and newspapers for timely  action.


Democracy has to start at   the  grass  roots.


Nobody knows better than the people working in an office as to what is going on in that office. If they collude with the big suckers by sharing power, the nation becomes  completely  corrupt.  This is what the nation has  become. Some government  employees have become like a Raja  of  2G  proportions.


It is not so much for the public  to monitor the officers and ministers. It is for the junior most workers to uphold law and order in  their own  offices  and  work  spaces.


Workers who work only for  building the nation alone will make  the  difference.


Purity has to start from within and not from without.


When will the mothers teach their children to care for their neighbour’s  welfare?

When will students study for earning knowledge rather than  just  for  marks?


When will teachers inspire students  to  build  a  great  nation?


When will workers go to work with  the  aim  of  nation  building?

When will people take care of   the nation’s roads? Can’t we clean up  the  road  as  we  walk  along?


Should we work against the interest of the communities we live  in  and  steal  what  we  can?


It is not governments that keep  a country clean and caring, it is   the  small  man  on  the  street  that  does  so.


Take care of your street, the nation will soon shine.


You can make a difference, however small you are.