Condensed from talks of Guruji, Shree Rishi Prabhakar By – Vishaka ma, USA

The world’s biggest power is youth. However today, this youth is being led astray by powerful businessmen and media houses towards a self-indulgent and consumption oriented lifestyle. Through the media they are victims into ascribing to a false sense of independence that equips them  against their own parents.


Due to the socio economic scenario the youth is getting exposed to causal interactions between opposite sexes. Due to nuclear families, most of them feel a lack of strong emotional bonding, which they then search in these casual interactions. They try to complete themselves emotionally through these accidental relations for a short period  of time. The whole advertising industry is built around “boyfriend and girlfriend”.


Such relations either become too indulgent or lead to emotional entanglement and cause tremendous stress and pain when they fail. Almost every teenager today is struggling with a failed relationship or  want of a relationship.


With the fervour of independence  in their heads, the youth today also has access to money power, either through their parents or through high paying  low skill jobs i.e. BPO’s and call centers’.


If these youngsters had not been fed with an air of independence in their heads they would listen to  their parents. Parents would never allow their children to be indulgent, consume non essentials. So the business houses found a smart way to directly put money in the hands  of youth through a cheap unskilled job, which comes with zero responsibility, limited growth opportunities, but is seemingly high paying and promises a high lifestyle.

On one hand they give you money after squeezing you and on the  other hand take it away with an illusionary promise of offering you something. Whatever is consumed with the money never satisfies but only gratifies them sensually. All the money earned in these jobs goes back to the business houses through malls  and multiplexes.


The youth drain themselves first in earning the money and then in spending it. When these youngsters grow into adults they will be wasted. They will have no real skills, and are hooked onto to a certain lifestyle and eventually they will land up  filling crimes and abuse charts.


This is where the practice of silence can bring positive results  on the economy.


When you grow in silence you  are not consuming things unnecessary, or indulging in things. You are conserving things. You begin to  enjoy the more NATURAL THINGS than UNNATURAL THINGS. You appreciate it, without wanting to deform or just grab  it or consume it.


Only when we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expression,  then we truly live life.


An enlightened or healthy economy is a blend of growing culture and business and not only business.


If business houses think their business can survive and grow on even by producing, manufacturing   or selling and marketing products which degenerate culture very soon they are in for a dooms day scenario.


Let us grow in SILENCE….. Let us grow in Culture……. Economy will Stabilise……. will be sustainable…… Business  will truly Grow.


Growth of business is not just in terms of greater consumption neither in greater value of the product produced. It is only when  it evolves your very BEING.


Your PRODUCT and SERVICES through your BUSINESS should not only just  add on the value to your customers but in fact it should add value to your very BEING. That is the real and true profit of any BUSINESS VENTURE.


Let your business add value to your very  Being.