Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.



Guruji,  what is Spirituality ?


Guruji: A conscious state of  ‘Being’ wherein you are in the ‘Spirit’ rather than matter,  is Spirituality.


To be dependent on materials to bring you happiness, is to be a materialist.  


When you prepare materials that give happiness to you the author   and the person who uses it, is to be a spiritualist.

When you are spirited, you do super  human feats. 

When you have no spirit, you are acting by force of others and hence curse  the whole operation.

A Rakshas (a demon) brings spirit   by force into things that bring unhappiness to others (like a terrorist). He must overpower others and hence is always disturbed himself. He is always losing energy to control others. He is blaming others. He is like a Hitler.

A godly person brings spirit to those actions that are badly needed by everyone but is not being performed due to lack of strength. When he is around his power moves masses into self-reliant  actions. 

A God, makes other people feel    like Gods and there is total empowerment. He is like a Mahatma Gandhi. 

How does one awaken the  Spirit?

Attachment to things hides the   Spirit in dead bodies. “I am the Body” is the first notion that kills   the awakening. 

By detaching oneself from the    body, the Spirit is awakened to shine by itself. This process of detachment to the world of things   is called Meditation. Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) is the process to enter into Samadhi, the state of total  detachment.

The Spirit shines by Itself, it is complete. This  Self is described as Sat-Chit-Ananda / Truth, Consciousness  and Pure Joy.  

Spirit is Sat – it exists by Itself without needing any substratum for its existence and requires no proof of Itself, as it is an experiential  reality.

Spirit is conscious – Chit. It is conscious of Itself. It is the source   of light through which things are seen with different coloured glasses of various attachments such as Nationality, Profession, Religion, Race,  Language and Ideology.


Sprit is pure Ananda or –  ecstasy. It is complete and is   not wanting in anything. It is not limited like bodies that can be measured. When there is spirit, nothing  is short.