From talks by – Guruji, Rishi  Prabhakar

There are different ways of receiving Prana (Energy) in the world. The highest Prana comes from Akasha – emptiness.


What happens when you meditate? You become the Akasha Tatva.  When the Akasha Tatva i.e. emptiness enters you then the whole system is rejuvenated. Samadhi Meditation is a direct access to Akasha. That’s the highest and purest  powered Prana.


No amount of Yogasanas can come close to half a minute of that Akasha Tatva. That is why Samadhi is so much more powerful than other methods of  receiving Prana.


If you go by the Pancha – Koshas, Anandmaya Kosha (feeling body) the Kosha of the Ego is the subtlest  Kosha and Samadhi meditation keeps this Anandmaya Kosha clean and open.


Prana can also enter through Vignyanmaya Kosha – Intellect body. When you realize that you cannot have an answer, as soon as you realize that you don’t know    and you admit that you don’t know; when you reach a point where you cannot know, the Vignyanmaya Kosha opens and Prana enters.


This is Gyana Yoga. And then suddenly there is enlightenment, there is an opening which leaves you feeling very exhilarated. This is called Vignyanmaya Kosha Bhedana – opening.


In the SSY class we do it very well, we take you to a point where you realize that  you don’t know.


In that state you are very happy where you realize that there is no answer and that it is perfectly all  right to be in that state of no answer. But not too many people can remain in that state of instability, of  ‘not knowingness’.


Everybody tends to know and as soon as they think they know, the Vignyanmaya Kosha closes and  Prana stops entering. The problem is that man becomes very firm that he knows that he cannot know, and this understanding becomes a  state of knowing.


These Gyana Yoga trainings are   very tricky, and they work as long  as you are with a teacher, who goes  on abandoning and dissecting your intellect. Left to yourself, you will close it very easily. This opening is certainly very beautiful. It dissolves all previous understanding and thus purifies the Vignyanmaya Kosha. It is a logical argument leading to nowhere. But higher than this is a direct access to the Anandmaya  Kosha.


The next kosha is the Manomaya Kosha – Mind body. Manas – Mind  is simply taking in things from the senses and from memory and displaying those images on the screen of the mind. In our normal state we attach ourselves by holding on to these thoughts – we give it a state of reality.


When we start noticing that everything is happening by itself and not because of our doing, this Sakshi Bhava – witness consciousness, becomes the Manomaya Kosha Shuddhi / purification  of the mind.


You witness the Manomaya Kosha instead of attaching yourself to it. With Samadhi Meditation you can understand this point very easily. With this, the mind becomes clean, calm  and settled.


It is not by focusing on the mind  or the content of the mind that you will get anywhere. It’s by simply detaching yourself from the mind that  you will get somewhere.


Most of the Yoga trainings of today have been turned upside down. Instead of letting go of the mind   they hold on to the mind. Instead of coming to a state where they don’t understand, they want to understand and they call it Gyana Yoga. They teach the opposite of what it is and that is why it does not  work anymore.


The Pranamaya Kosha – energy  body is the next kosha. Pranayama enhances the Pranamaya Kosha. It is misinterpreted as pranayama  i.e. to control breath. Pranayama means prana-ayama, which means to expand the Prana.


It is not by controlling the breath but by expanding the breath that  you become aware of how Prana is working in you. As you remain with the Prana in different parts of the body, everything gets activated. Even with the smallest of attention, the Prana gets activated. Pranayama methods are evolved to be with the Prana, which becomes longer and more  and more purified.


Annamaya Kosha (PhysicaI body)  is the last kosha. How does one purify the Annamaya Kosha? There are many means. One is through food. If you put bad food the Annamaya Kosha will become very bad. If you put proper food, it becomes healthy. Doing asanas also helps to keep the Annamaya Kosha  fit and light. Eating raw foods in plenty will make the immune system strong and digestion easy.


With all the above processes the Pancha Koshas are purified. Prana enters the body at different levels. With Pancha Kosha Shuddhi all that was holding back in the system  starts vanishing, enormous power begins to flow through the body.