Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


Yoga means to be in tune with   your  higher  nature. 


Karma means action. So Karma   Yoga means activity, which is done being in tune with your higher  nature.


Karma Yoga does not mean just  going to your office and coming home. That is only Karma. 


You are going to your office so that you and your family can have something to eat. That is not Karma Yoga.  It  is   only  Karma.


Unfortunately when you go to     your office and come back what   you bring home is Naraka (hell),   you bring back Asthma, Blood Pressure, Diabetes. Almost 99% of the people go to their office and bring home Naraka. Then they expect their wives to create some Swarga (heaven)  at  home.


Most people go to work not  because they want to work but because they have to go to work. Given a chance they would not   want to work as they work under     a sort of compulsion. Hence they constantly look forward to their holidays.


Very few people want to go to   work because they really enjoy  going there and want to contribute to everybody’s life. And they know that by their going there, they are doing work by which they are providing a useful service to every-one.


Karma Yoga is truly being committed to making yourself absolutely  useful  in  the  world.


In the Bhagwad Gita, Krishna tells   us the secret of Karma Yoga. He   says “Yogastha Kuru Karmanei” – which means be rooted within, be stationed in Yoga and then carry     out your actions. This is Karma Yoga.

To be able to work well you    require a rested body and    an attentive mind. Not only that, you need an-other condition, which is  called  contentment.


What happens when you go into Samadhi  meditation?


When you come out of meditation, all your fatigue is gone, you feel comp-letely relaxed, and are able to be focused. There is an enormous shift in the level of concentra-tion. Also, you come to a state   of  contentment.


When you meditate you become totally  content  within  yourself.


So, when you work out of this state of contentment, you don’t seek contentment in the world. This  is  called  Karma  Yoga.


Anybody who is seeking content-ment through work will never be satisfied. He will always be discont-ented and will always want to      grab things for himself so that he   can get contentment out of the world. 

He cannot trust any-body. So he tries to get something out of the world fast. This is an automatic reaction of a person who is discontented. 


So, here is a totally new way of operating in  the  world. 

Earlier it came from “a taking” consciousness, now it comes from “a giving” – consciousness.


The secret of Karma Yoga is that   you must have the ability to go    back into yourself. So, establish yourself in Yoga, in your higher nature and carry out your actions. 


When you meditate, all the qualities necessary for you to     be successful in activity, happen  automatically.


So  what  is  Sanyasa? 

Sanyasa is working so that everybody can have that what you want for yourself. Go to work so that you can share everything you have, and make  yourself  useful.