By – Guruji,  Shree Rishi Prabhakar

Depending only on food for Prana  makes a person ordinary.


Highest persons, like Meera Bai,   got their food directly from space through merging – Atma and Paramatma merger and elimination of the Ego boundary with Bhakti and total  surrenderfullness.


This is when the spirit has  taken over the body. At that time, the Prana starts flowing unhindered.


Prana flow creates uncontrolled movements and starts cutting through dirt that is holding up Prana flow all by itself. The person  simply witnesses the flow. All cells, including cancers, ulcers, tumors, bulbs, swellings, irritations, imbalances of fluids, etc. are knocked out and brought to normality. This is kundalini awakening. This miracle  cures; it is – spiritual healing.


Normally, we bring in the Prana to cleanse while doing or applying medicines, aasana stretches, pranayama, healing through music, chanting mantras and fire yagnas, intellectual understanding (Brahma gyan yagnyas), divine music satsangs with Saints, divine satsangs for telling the truth (Anubhava Mantapas) and lastly total surrenderfullness to God as though you are totally dead to worldly concerns and on the verge  of death. Potency increases in that order.


Materialism is a total dependence  on human intervention with body functions through medicines, radiation, surgery, anesthesia, life support systems like breathers, kidney dialysis, heart beaters, blood transfusion, drip, heart  resuscitation, etc.


Life style modifications consist of self-monitored changes in food, exercise, mind resting through meditation, music, love enhancing (proper company, group silence and togetherness).


Sharing skills and learning skills (through living in Peace Homes and villages with infinite opportunities  to learn and explore and create), intellectual resting – through readings of holy scriptures like the Gita, the Bible or the Koran, spiritual resting: Samadhi practices, Sahaja Samadhi, Nitya Samadhi (Samadhi with eyes open), Vishista Samadhi  (seeing God in all). And Saayujya Samadhi (merger into Divine) as in Meera bai’s case.


Healing through material intervention processes requires more and more specialized equipment, technology and scientific knowledge. These are all done in sanitized  hospitals.


The life style change processes are done in more and more open fields. The higher ones are done on mountain tops without rush, fear or anxiety for results.


The more anxiety and guarantee for results, the more expensive the treatment. The time it takes is also less with high tech intervention. Lasers can correct vision almost instantly. Similar with bypass surgeries for the heart, surgeries for slip discs, liposuction for obesity, operations for tumors, ultra sound for kidney and gall bladder stones etc.


Being amidst nature and in total surrender, seeing divinity in all  opens the highest channels of Prana to flow, as in a Padayatra. Miraculous shifts and healing can take  place as the highest Prana flow naturally opens up.