Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar 


Q: Guruji, I have a very fantastic job, high paying, but I have to deal with many things that are not okay. Then I am very confused which way to go and get troubled while dealing with others.


A: As we saw in the last issue, our head is always full of things not okay. Actually, we have totally lost all control over ourselves. It is as if we are running down a hill. As you take the first few steps, you are in control. But after the first few steps, you just run faster and faster and your capacity to stop only decreases as you advance.


If you attempt to stop, you would only fall. Also there would be some rocks and boulders on the way. Because of the speed at which you are running you experience these as obstructions, which you have to jump over. If you don’t jump over them, you will bump against them. This is our normal condition in the fast life that we live. But in a meditative life this is not so.


Just suppose you were walking down the hill instead of running down the whole thing. In that case you could have simply walked around such so-called obstructions. They would no longer remain obstructions, they would become scenery, and they will become your support to stop and also to rest and sit on.


Hurry may worry,

allow us to hold your hand in slowing down and

achieving what you want, in same time span.



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All the problems that we face are simply because we are just running around in our life at – jet speed. We need to make use of meditation and slowdown in life.