Guruji Guides us on: What is Culture? – Part 2


Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji. 


Either you learn or teach. If you have already learned, you can teach. If you have not learned, you cannot teach. You must learn and teach. We require thousands of Gurus to teach about getting love accounts. Only then will the community become great.  


To go through a systematic process of becoming a leader some sadhana is required, it will not happen simply by reading or writing. You start the process and within one year, see what happens. 


First and foremost, keep your body fantastically healthy, like a  king. I too was not like that, I too was like ordinary Gurus simply saying, ‘Be peaceful’. Then God gave me the capacity to tell you to leave your job, bring your family and join me. I will train you to be a different person. No guru will tell you to  leave a job and bring the family. We will train you, we will do something fantastic  in  the  world. 


Don’t waste your time, don’t be a donkey worker. Our Gurukulam is not an ashram for people who    don’t want to do anything. It is for people who want to enjoy life,  who  never  work  unwillingly. 


You must do things happily in the world. Make other people rich and happy and you too become very  rich, very strong and very powerful yourself. 


Sahana Vavatu, Sahanau Bhunaktu, Sahaveeryam  Karavavahai. 


This you must learn, don’t be a donkey. Old ashrams are for people who left their wives; they did not want any trouble and simply meditated and talked about everybody else. These sanyasis are wasting  their time and everybody else’s too. Don’t leave your wife. Bring your wife. Bring your children and learn  to  create  a  beautiful  world. 


The first  thing is Karma Dahan. If you want to be peaceful, you have   to burn all kamas. Learn that but  that is not the end but only the beginning of something beautiful. If you want to be happy, you must  have friends. You must learn to develop atma-atma sambandh and be able to share all of yourself with others. First develop that with your wife. You now have shareer-shareer sambandh (physical relationship). It must be atma-atma sambandh (soul to soul connection).  


When you develop atma-atma sam-bandh, you will really hug your   wife, like never before. That same hugging must develop more and more every day. Your wife is very important. If you don’t know that, she becomes a burden otherwise she  is  Lakshmi  and  wealth. 


For most people, this samsar is a burden, then they pray to God, ‘Ah God, I got trapped! Please release me from this bondage. Let me be liberated. Do not give me one more birth. I don’t want punarjanma/next life. Why? Is this janma/birth so bad? If this life is fantastic, then you will say: God give me 1000 lives, I have no problem. I am very happy. That   is what you must become. Not this  reverse way. All this reverse way has  made  this  country  very  poor. 


No doubt you do karma dahan but then work very hard. Whatever you get, give it to your neighbour. This is powerful vairagya, the right use of vairagya. Work, give whatever you have to your neighbour, don’t be greedy,  saying, “Mine,  mine”. 


The more you give, the more you get. You will get much more. Learn to give. Without fear, learn to give. That is greatness, that is culture. What do you say? You want to wear gold and diamonds? I hope you have removed your gold and diamonds. Only fools wear gold and diamonds!  


Instead, you can wear a nice garland of flowers and will look very nice. Shakuntala wears only a garland of flowers here and looks so beautiful. Your gold is so ugly! You want to learn or you want to be an ass wearing diamonds? You won’t live very  long  if  you  are  greedy! 


With Vairagya/ and Daan/ contribution, make everybody happy and then you too will become happy and find meaning to your life.  


An ass need not live so long because when he is not able to do so much work, it is better it dies. Another new donkey will come and do a better job. If you want some-thing that will not die, get wisdom.   It should not die, then you will live  very  long.  


If you don’t have any wisdom, if    you don’t make other people happy, why live? Better die. Work for others, do  not  work  to  make  money. 


We don’t take salary, so you too don’t take any salary. I beg. People give me lots of money! I work for free, I get free things. When I go anywhere, people say Guruji don’t go away from here. Whatever you want, we will give you. Please stay here. We will give you land, please set up a Gurukulam. We want everyone  to  be  part  of  the  Gurukulam. 

We have got fantastic amounts of jobs, fantastic amount of work. We are wondering how to reproduce ourselves so we can do thousand times more work. There is no lack  of  jobs, only  a  lack  of  spirit. 


For all of you I got lots of jobs provided you have the spirit to   offer yourself and become great. If you leave your present job, some-body will take it and be very happy. The jobs which I give you. are    those that nobody can do. So you have to learn to do them, there is   no competition for these jobs. You require some training. To live like a leader requires training, so you must train. Now start the training. Don’t  be  a  donkey. 


We are starting; we don’t have too much time here. See how much time it took to understand? Simple. Little understanding. To start doing sadhana will take more time. Come with your family and children and start  the process of becoming a different  individual. 


Once a month, come for a three day sadhana. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On, Thursday night it will start, to Friday, Saturday and Sunday once a month. Within a year, your  life will be different. Most of you   will leave your jobs within one year. You will also have some exercises to do. Start them and after one year you will get the strength and realize that  I  don’t  have  to  be  a  donkey.  


For people who are not greedy, there is plenty of opportunity. For people who are greedy there are  very  few  opportunities. 


We will take care of you, your   family, your children’s education but you start learning. Younger the couple, the better. Unless you become a soldier, you are not going to live for 200-300 years. Every-where you work half-hearted. What  can  will  do?  Stand  up!!