Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


(There are six kinds of people in this world and they have their peculiar relationships. In a series of articles in successive issues of Rishi Vani, Guruji has, so far, dwelt on five specific kinds of relationships that human beings enter into with each  other. These are: 


The ASPRUSHYA or the exploiters who dislike order in society and live only by exploiting others. They are elevated to the level of Shudras through  culture.


The SHUDRAS who are the exploited ones, the workers who reconcile their life with fate. They have no creativity and no self-responsibility. Their elevation to   the next class happens through Brahmopadesham in the basic SSY program.


The VAISHYAS – they are the entrepreneurs. They are stable, create their own circumstances of life, and take responsibility for relationships.


The KSHATRIYAS – They are the protectors, the lawgivers who evolve out of their own Nitya Sadhana to being charismatic leaders.


The Brahmanas – They are the well-wishers, the Gurus, the Teachers.


In this issue of Rishi Vani, Guruji details the sixth state that of   the Siddha Purush. He also enumerates different kinds of Nation States based on these six forms of relationships).


The Siddha, the Perfect Being, or  the Master.


The sixth state of being is even higher than that of a Brahmana – it is the Siddha state. This is attained through the Avadhoot Samadhi Sadhana.


An Asprushya lives in the Muladhar Chakra, (which lies at the bottom of the spine and is the    earth element). He has done no ‘Purusharth sadhana’. Others have to cultivate the sadhana in him, like  cleanliness etc.


A Shudra lives from his Swadishthan Chakra (in the genitals and water is his element). Taste is his dominant sense and sex, his highest pleasure. He does Kama sadhana of the four purusharthas,   of Kama (sensual pleasures), Artha (prosperity), Dharma (harmony with nature) and Moksha (freedom). He studies all technologies and learns higher skills for his own survival.


A Vaishya lives from Manipura Chakra (at the naval level, fire is     his element). Sight is his dominant sense. He is forever traveling and discovering new places and  mar-kets. He supplies products to bring prosperity and comforts to people. He studies science and technology and does  Artha Sadhana, to bring prosperity.


A Kshatriya lives in Anahata Chakra (heat and air are his elements). Touch is his dominant sense, which he demonstrates through embracing his loved ones. He does Dharma sadhana, to create a community, which works har-moniously. He studies all sciences, technologies and even art forms,  and is interested not only in prod-ucing goods but also in beauty.


A Brahmana lives from the  Vishuddha Chakra (throat and ether i.e. space are his ele-ments). Sound and hearing are his dominant sense. Music and dance flow out of him. He studies every-thing a Kshatriya studies, but in addition, is devoted to the science  of inner awakening. 


He is the GURU. Without his teachings, blessings and sadh-ana, the community will remain, by and large barbarous, compe-titive  and destructive. 


He does Moksha Sadhana, and cares for freedom, both inner and outer. He does what he wants to    do and cannot be bought with the lure of money or power.


A Siddha lives from the Agnya Chakra (between the eyebrows). He is beyond the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. No laws of nature control him and miracles happen around him all the time. His sankalp is enough to  create whatever he wants; his vision becomes a reality.


Nothing can be predicted of them   as they are beyond the law of cause and effect. The Siddha’s examples transcend boundaries and ages – like Sant Tukaram, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Meerabai, Lord Jesus Christ, Swami Ganapathi Sachchida-nandaji, Shri Satya Sai Baba to name   a few.


Guruji On – Different Nation States.

Almost all the underdeveloped nations, as categorized by the  United Nations, fall in the category of Shudra Nations. Of late, some nations have also fallen in the category of Asprushya nations because they live as pests on      other nations of the world. These are the nations, which support terrorism.


The so-called developed countries, which are governed by per-capita income, are Vaishya nations like the USA and the European countries. Here entrepreneurship is supreme and  the rich man is worshipped.


A few countries like Japan, Israel   and Switzerland come under the category of Kshatriya countries. Here, self-sacrifice and dedication  to community and country is considered supreme. It is these few countries, which truly rule the world. Their material resources  may be few but their human resource is enormous.


India is the only Brahmin country. It   is not an underdeveloped country. On the contrary, it is the only developed  country in the world.


All this while, India has been taken for granted and persecuted for hundreds of years. But, we have immense patience. India had led   the world in the de-colonization programme and is the only country, which is fighting against the narrow interests for intellectual copyrights.


India has already recovered from deprivations and acute poverty and is already a world leader in Information Technology. Soon, India will be the most advanced country  in economics, research and develop-ment. She will be the most imp-ortant military power too.


Her culture will reach the four corners of the world, to create a Golden Age where everyone will live like a Brahmin and beyond,  as Siddhas.