Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


There are six kinds of people in     this world and they have their peculiar relationships. In a series of articles in successive issues of Rishi Vani, Guruji has, so far, dwelt on   four specific kinds of relationships that human beings enter into with each other. These are:


– The Asprushya or the exploiters- They dislike order in society and   live only by exploiting others. They are elevated to the level of Shudras through  culture.


– The Shudras – They are the exploited ones, the workers who reconcile their life with fate. They have no creativity and no self-responsibility. Their elevation to the next class happens through Brahm-opadesham.


– The Vaishyas – They are the entrepreneurs. They are stable, create their own circumstances of life, and take responsibility for relationships.


– The Kshatriyas – They are the protectors, the lawgivers who evolve out of their own nitya sadhana to being charismatic leaders.


In this issue of Rishi Vani, Guruji details the fifth class of people –      the Brahmanas. They are well -wishers, the Gurus, the Teachers.


A Brahmana lives the highest level   of freedom, offering no resistance to others. He possesses nothing, belongs to no community, race, religion or creed and calls everyone his own. His sadhana is renunciation and being close to God and he       sees everything as a Divine play. For him, there is nobody who is good or bad. Aware of what is happening in the world, he is absolutely equanimous.


The Asprushya is not bothered  about what belongs to whom, the Shudra wants everything for him-self, the Vaishya gives others more than his own share, and the  Kshatriya gives to all and also urges them to give to others as well. But the Brahmana makes no distinction between what is his and what belongs to others. He takes care of what belongs to others as    he does for his own.


A Kshatriya evolves into a Brah-mana through his Satyavrata  sadhana and he is different from the other classes of beings in many  ways.




For a Brahmana, truth is God, and the quest for higher truth is his life. He is unlike an Asprushya for whom Spirits (Ignorance) is God, or the Shudra, for whom Science and Technology is God and skill the saviour, for a Vaishya – prosperity and wealth is God and for a  Kshatriya – love is God. 


A Brahmana treats his wife as      God and worships her. He does not expect anything in return for    his services, for him whatever he receives is prasad from the Gods around  him. 


He has no demands on others,      nor does he go to the court for   any injustice done to him. He looks at the injustice as his own doing – that he has not served the Gods around him  hence they are unhappy. 


He learns to correct himself on   how best to do seva. He stands up for truth and convinces others about his line of thought. He is open to learning, and willing to change if others show him that his truth is  not the real truth.