Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


The Kshatriya: is the lawgiver,    the protector.


A Kshatriya has an inner freedom, which enables him to protect the community from unlawful elements. He plans laws that govern communities, and decides the fate of   those who do not follow the law. He has no animosity towards those who commit a crime, but for the sake of Dharma, he only punishes the wrong doer. In doing  so, he wants to transform the person rather than sacrifice him, because he wants to make every-one a useful citizen.


He has a lot of love within for everyone, and in turn, experiences care from all. People respect him   for his commitment to self-sacrifice, for people and for communities. He is willing to shoulder the Karma  of his community.


He has attained this strength  through his Tapasya. His ability for self-sacrifice is built on the foun-dation of inner satisfaction. In silence, even with one’s eyes open, one begins to experience love for   all. Nitya Samadhi transforms a Vaishya into a Kshatriya.


A Vaishya does Tapasya thrice a day for about 20-minutes, to keep his mind clear and his entrepreneurship alive. Thus, he is able to re-create   his enthusiasm for life and to detach himself for the day’s Karma.


But, a Kshatriya detaches himself   for days together through his sadhana of Nitya Samadhi, to keep love for everyone alive in his heart. This sadhana, keeps him alert all    day and night, a Vaishya stays alert only during the day while a Shudra is alert only between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.


As a person evolves, the brightness on  his face is clearly visible.


A kshatriya exudes charismatic radiance, which draws people to him. They remember, forever, the brief exchange they may have had with him. They follow such a person (leader) not because they under-stand or agree with him, but because they love and respect him for his sacrifice and for the responsibilities he  shoulders.


Its not as though a Kshatriya   controls others. Because he is able   to control himself, others follow him naturally both willingly and unwillingly. The flood of support    for him carries away even the few who resist the flow.


They are like the laser beam, which creates radiance that harmonize all other random photons into a single high-energy  beam.

History is replete with the names    of such charismatic leaders, from Alexander to John F. Kennedy. Some are born with this charisma others attain  it like Gandhiji.


Unlike a Shudra who has platonic relationships and that too by   chance, a Kshatriya has ecstatic relationships evolving out of his Sadhana.

Adventure comes naturally to a Kshatriya. He dares do that, which has never been done before, he treads the untread path. 


Unlike rebellion, which comes from a state of bondage, he enjoys adventure, which comes from a sense of freedom. Rebellion is reactive while adventure  is creative.


Adventure is always memorable unlike the life of a Shudra, which is repetitive and boring. Even a thousand years of a Shudra are nothing as compared to a few years of the adventurous life led by a Kshatriya. There is always an excite-ment around a Kshatriya. He is a high-energy  field in the unknown.


(In the next issue of Rishi Vani, Guruji will look at the fifth level of beings i.e. the Brahmana, the well wisher,  Guru and Teacher).