Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


It is important to understand that these are not classifications as per the old norms when we demarcated people by their birth. Here, Pujya Guruji classifies people and their relationship as per their outlook and interactions  in life. 


Continuing with Guruji’s thoughts  on different relationships – in the   last issue of Rishi Vani, Guruji dwelt on six different kinds of relation-ships which people seek out, depending upon their own level of development. The first are those who live by exploiting others – Asprushya. They lead parasitical lives and create problems for the whole  world.


The second class of beings is the Shudra, the workers or those who are the exploited ones. They reconcile their life with fate, believe in purchasing happiness, and live by promoting selfishness and not by being  responsible.

In this third part of the series,   Guruji looks at Vaishyas, the Entrepreneurs. 


These are people who are very stable and have freedom of the self. They are aware that they create their  own circumstances of life. Fate or Karma is not responsible for their life. These may limit them or be the starting point for where they have reached in life. They are reconciled to their state of life, and build on what is available to them    in life. They do not weep over their past, but look forward to what they can create. This, they are able to do so by dissolving their past through meditation, by being in the present and by being ready for the future.


They are creative in their relation-ships. They do not sell you another hope, another insurance plan. They know what life has to offer and   have the ability to choose what promotes their vision for life.


A Shudra may know what is good  for him, but he does not have the willpower to stick to his resolution. His senses overpower him, and he loses his touch with vision. A Shudra does what is convenient rather than what  is profitable in the long run.


The  Vaishya’s  State:


A Vaishya is one who has developed control over his senses. He sticks to his resolution and understanding.  His work pays high dividends. He is rich and knows that by serving others, he too benefits. He goes out of his way to help, beyond what  is his contracted duty.


He is forever looking for opportunities to serve others and is aware that for him there are infinite opportunities. He is not a job seeker but a job-creator. He knows how to cleanse his mind everyday, and this he  does thrice a day.


A Shudra, on the contrary, only knows how to cleanse his outer, physical body. He does not know how to get rid of ailments like:   Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Ulcers and other psychosomatic diseases, which are generated by an uncontrolled mind. A Shudra is dependent on doctors for his health, whereas    a Vaishya depends upon himself for his good health.


When it comes to family relation-ships, a Vaishya serves his wife and family with absolute love. His children respect him till the last day. He is an asset to all those around   him until his last breath. He does not really retire in life.


Only those, like the Shudras, retire who take life easy. Shudras work hard unwillingly, considering it as part of their fate and duty, and find relief  in retirement.


A Vaishya laughs at retirement as a ‘paradise of fools’. He takes responsibility  for relationships.


He is always the first person to    greet others and not wait to be greeted and made comfortable by others. He makes others comfort-able. He always offers more than what he takes. He contributes willingly to community affairs and lives usefully. He has no wish to     live long, but has no fear of death. His life is disciplined, philanthropic and hospitable.