Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


Pujya Guruji, an amazing soul  was able to see matters at very deep levels. Often, in a meditative state over long periods, he then gave us many profound realisations which ordinary men cannot fathom. We know of    the classes by Indian standards: Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya and Brahmin. Here Guruji gives an understanding that is universal and can help man evolve in himself and his relationship with  others. 


In Gestalt therapy, as seen in the book ‘I am OK, you are OK’, the theory of relationships is described as that between Parent, Adult and Child. A number of workshops that  use the gestalt therapy, are taught worldwide.


EST Foundation workshops  emphasize on creating relationships that you want. It also expounds on the various kinds of relationships and communication, e.g. Positive communication, active enrolments and establishing  loving relationships.


In the ‘Xerox Selling course’, the emphasis is on how to manipulate others, arrive at an agreement and close the deal as soon as possible. Many insurance companies have adopted extraordinary manipulative courses for their sales executives. The relationship is one of the ‘Exploiter and the Exploited’ while everything is done in the name of ‘saving’ the insured person and      his kith and kin from accidental disasters.


Different people with different motives, have different kinds of relationships, which they may perceive as ideal relationships. However success always lies in a win-win situation. Both parties must perceive  an exchange as win-win. For an insurance salesman, whose motive is survival, love is not a relationship he seeks. He wants to ensure that the buyer is convinced that he will benefit by from the insurance he  bought.


I am sure, very concerned and loving people started insurance companies. The idea must have been to share the risks in life so that  nobody was left out. 


Love may evolve out of a long-    term or necessary interest but that  is not the salesman’s quest. His success is measured by the amount     he sells. He does not believe that a loving attitude can bring more    business. He cannot perceive the relationship between his lovingness and his  profits.


Once a person develops a feeling of love and the quest to be in love,  his approach truly shifts to concern rather than mere sales. 


He automatically starts getting hundreds of clients, usually recommended by his old clients, without making any extra effort. Probably, he may not even need the quest   card. Depending on his/her development, each person seeks a different relationship.

    Six  Different  Relationships:


There are six kinds of people in     this world each with distinct relationships 

  1. Asprushya  i.e. Untouchable.
  2. Shudra  i.e. Worker.
  3. Vaishya  i.e. Entrepreneur.
  4. Kshatriya  i.e. The Law giver,  the Protector.
  5. Brahman  i.e. the Well-wisher,   Guru and teacher.
  6. Siddha  i.e. the  Master.


In this article we will understand     the first class of people, i.e. The Asprushya  (Untouchable). 

A thief, who is an unwanted, untouchable person in the world, can only have a lasting relationship with another thief. They both win  by robbing innocent persons. 


They dislike orderliness in society. They promote riots, so that they  can steal property along with the mob, with impunity. Such gangsters, who commit daylight robbery, are often connected with political parties. In fact, many politicians today have criminal records. Gang-sters and criminals staying abroad often have connects to political parties. These people are very happy when communal and other riots take place, which anyway      are largely their creation to destabilize the existing law and order. They think that the whole world lives by people exploiting each other, be it through technology, financial or physical strength or by sharing gun and muscle power. 


They see nothing wrong in exploiting the exploiters since each member of the so-called organized and civilized world also exploits and hence can be exploited without a qualm. They can go to any extent    to harass people and the community and they live as parasites. 


They have the sympathy and sup-port of other nations, with similar fanatical background who call themselves saviours of religion. That religion must certainly be for the untouchables. 


Whole nations who follow such religions, are in trouble and terrorists abound. Other terrorist countries, which have used power  to exploit the rest of the world, are being challenged. Now, we have a war of terrorists against terrorists and exploiters against exploiters. There is a holy war against a holy  war.


Most police forces in the world do not have any control over gangsters or enough resources to find out the internal happenings of the gangs. It is usually one gang     that provides information about rival gangs to the police. The police themselves do not have to do any-thing. The police cannot control gangs, the gangs control each other and kill each other without  bothering about the police.


Similarly, America operates like a gang, taking whatever action it  desires, against any nation as was seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. It   pays no heed to the United Nations on any matter. In any case, the United Nations too has dual standards regarding conflicts between nations, say America and the  Taliban, America and Iraq etc. The United Nations has lost its efficacy just as the police have stopped being effective in preventing exploitation of the weaker  people.


Ed – This is the lowest varga / class   of community or persons, but as they grow in consciousness they   can upgrade themselves as we will see in forthcoming articles.~