Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


In this article, Pujya Guruji enlightens us as to what is the true sense  of prosperity. An amazing eye-opener for all of us that lightens  our views and stuck-up-ness about Richness  and  Prosperity.~ 

Today we are giving you the highest gift,  that  you  will  ever  receive.  


This is my promise to you, that you will have all the money that you will ever need to the end of your  life. 


My second promise is that you  will have all the food that is necessary  till  the  end  of  your  life. 


Now your money problem is over and  the  food  problem  is  over.  


I will give you one more promise, that you will have all the time that is necessary for you to do everything that needs to be  done  to  the  end  of  your  life. 


This is how the life of richness starts. This is the first lesson of Aishwarya  Upanishad. 


Once you are satisfied that you have all the money that you need; you have all the food that you  will ever need, and you have all  the time to do whatever you need  to do, then there is no problem  with  anything. 


Being in this ‘no problem state’ is the starting point of  ‘Richness’. 


This is just like the lesson on happiness. When you realise everything  is here, what you have to do?   – Nothing. Everybody is looking for happiness. The Truth is just the opposite, we know, that happiness   is  always  there. 


Richness does not come from  having  any  particular  thing. Richness starts from your inner being.  


No amount of money you possess,  can make you feel rich. Only by turning this upside down will you see that  everything  is  wonderful.  


Richness is in seeing that there is – Richness. 


Rich  and  Poor  Countries 


A lot of people feel that there are rich countries and poor countries; that there are rich people and poor  people and that we must eliminate poverty by having poverty elimination  programs.  


Nobody can be made rich or poor   by anyone else. Only you yourself can make yourself poor or rich by seeing that  everything  is  okay  or  not  okay. 


Richness lies in seeing that there is  – Richness. 


True  Sharing 


Most people, when they start reading the scriptures, they feel guilty about consuming too much food and other materialistic  things.  


They feel they are depriving some-body else, and to assuage their own guilt, they start giving away their wealth in charity. This  is  not  true  sharing. 


Sharing your riches really happens when you are feeling very  full and satisfied within. That’s the only richness that you can  transmit. 


A person, who is ‘rich’, offers his riches because it is his tendency to offer, not because he expects anything  in  return. 


This is TRUE RICHNESS for a   human  being.