Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


Q: Guruji, it has been seen that the generation which earns its wealth, values it; the next generation spends it and the third generation if not educated, squanders it. 


So, is the case with a nation’s freedom? We are now the third generation, since our nation became free and we have neither earned it, nor valued it. What is your message to this generation? 


A: Freedom in the world is basically freedom from the attractions of the world. It is   only by gaining greater inner control over our sensual attraction  that  we  become  free.


India’s freedom was won by rejecting dependence on foreign goods even though they were    of  a  better  quality. 


People learnt to produce what they wanted, themselves and gained independence from foreigners. They also learnt at  the same time to be led by their own leaders instead of needing   a  foreigner  to  organize  them. 


Now, this hard earned freedom is again being squandered away to foreigners. Today, the Indian farmer has lost his independence for seeds. The lure of a small increase in production by using hybrid seeds has led to a total monopoly by Americans. Today for every Rs. 100 earned by a farmer Rs. 40 goes to America. 


When will our commerce ministry stop such exploitation? It will require a man twice the stature of Gandhi  to press this point upon our  masses.


A few NGO’s that preserve our seeds’ gene pool are also working  for  foreign  companies. 


What can the youth do? Join the Americans and exploit the rest  of  the  world?  I  hope  not?


Let our youth learn to control themselves and truly follow Dharma – righteousness that upholds sharing. Let us think of our neighbour  first. 


Let us help everybody to become Independent. That is the only way to preserve our own freedom.