Guruji Explains How: Adwaita, Dwaita & Vishishta Sadhana Elevate Us Part – 1  


Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


SSY – Siddha Samadhi Yoga and Advanced Meditation Course, AMC are all designed as basic education of ‘How to be a Nobody’ other-wise you find your life very problematic.  

Undergoing SSY you understand how to enjoy life and get rid of your identity of being a ‘Somebody’. The whole world is a drama of egos playing with each other. Most people are engaged in this drama, but they don’t know that they are playing this drama.  

In the pursuit of winning; you lose the joy of playing the game /drama. As long as you are engaged in playing the drama you are caught up in Sukha and Dukha (joy and sorrow) because you want to win. The only way out is by sadhana. There are two sadhanas – Adwaita and Dwaita sadhanas. 

When you can just witness the game, then you start enjoying the game, there is nothing to win over, nothing to be done with efforts and very great difficulty. Doing SSY and AMC mechanically will not help much but continuously being a ‘Nobody’ is a sadhana. Everybody tries to be somebody, but realizing that you are a ‘Nobody’ is the best way to be in sadhana.  

When you get caught up, the mechanism is to come back to Samadhi Abhyasa. This helps you to come back to zero, which is your true state of being.  

Everybody wants some peace, for that you first do Samadhi Abhyasa regularly for 15 minutes.  

It is possible to extend Samadhi Abhyasa with Dhyana/focus and Dharana (fixing the mind on it). Such a Samadhi can help you excel much further. When you combine Samadhi Abhyasa with Pratyahara (not being a slave to your senses) you excel much further. Combine it with Yama (code of conduct) and Niyama (personal practices) you can be in eternal Samadhi.  

During and after BST – Bhava Samadhi Training, for months together you are in a different Samadhi because you have combined it with Truth. BST is also called Satya Narayana Vrata but this is not the Satya Narayan Puja we normally perform at our homes.  

To be able to do this Vrata you should know what is Satya/Truth. A person who understood this very, very well was Gandhiji. Because of this Satyagraha he became an enormous power in the world. Every-body is struggling with corruption, but because there is no truth everybody is only doing some drama, hence it is not fructifying. 

The Chinese have focused on Satya. In China it is very, very important because they are progressed far in world. Our Education is now only   an English Education and we are not doing any Sadhana.  

Most important sadhana is to connect Samadhi with Satya. When you undergo BST regularly, note how your life changes.  

When you say, ‘I have done BST’ that means you have left Satya / truth, Satya Narayana Vrata. Come back and be together to create Satyagraha not just do a pooja to start this new process.  

If you want India to supersede China you don’t require an army, you just require courage to stand in Truth. Gandhiji did not have an army.  

Instead of shouting against corruption, when you become truthful then you will get the power. Jeevanmukti is the first step in evolution.  

Normally we use Dwaita of Adi Shankara’s main siddhanta/ principle, which was that the whole world is actually an illusion. You depend on the outside world for happiness, which is an illusion. Happiness is in divinity, which is experienced by going inwards in Samadhi Abhyasa. 

Fully filled with Brahman you become enlightened or Jeevanmukta/ free. Winning and losing is because of illusion and not being Sakshi/ witness. By being in your Sakshi bhava you experience Jagat Mithyam, Brahma Satyam. (World is an illusion, Divinity is the only truth). 

All of us are brainwashed by this siddhanta being misunderstood – as anybody who is a little enlightened says that don’t worry about politicians, you go away to Himalayas why worry about the world by trying to change the world because it is mithya/illusiion. Such negligence of world has led to this ignorance.  

When you only live by this Jagat Mithya, Brahma Satyam and there is garbage in front of your house, you feel, why worry? Do you worry? Do you clean up? This is because of Jagat Mithya/ world is in illusion. Indians play a double role when they cannot do things, they simply say Jagat Mithya. When they do something they say Jagat Satyam/ the world is real.  

Madhava observed this Philosophy of Shankara. This was drowning themselves and the rest of people. Hence Madhava propagated that the world is Satya/real, Jeeva Satya/ individual soul is also truth and Brahma Satya / divinity is also real.  

What is Brahma gyana?: 

Most of us after SSY and silence, experience  the world is an illusion and Divinity the reality. 

An important next step in your sadhana is undertaking Advanced Meditation Course. What is the principle in AMC?  You come here and get rid of the world. If you sit at home, you get caught up in doing things and in telephone calls. In an AMC, when you are in silence somebody is present to take care of your food and shelter and you go into deeper silence. There is nothing which you need to attend to that may break your silence. In AMC everybody is being a ‘Nobody’ and they are doing nothing together.  

* When two Nobodies are together in silence a miracle called love happens. AMC is the generation of love. Everybody wants love but how to generate love? If your neighbour occupies one inch more you fight, how can you love? 

Most of you have not experienced it. Sometime you experienced it in AMC and you say I used to have it but now I don’t have it. This happens because you get into your drama the other person into his drama. As soon as you come out of the AMC you start living in your protected boundary.