Condensed from talks by Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakar


Why do people get bored?  

How and when do they get bored?

Is it important or not to understand why people get  bored?

I have not got bored for a very long time. Most people who do SSY, don’t  get bored.

In silence, we can understand how  not to be bored. In Silence we can also learn how to master irritation.


If you have nothing to do, then what do you do? Think about it.


When I was on my way here, I was told mobiles do not work here. I was very happy. When you have nothing to do, what happens to  you?

When we are together, I want  to keep you and myself wondering about things you normally  don’t take time to wonder about. This exercise is for your intellect so you cannot get bored because you are wondering. When you stop wondering, for sure  you will be bored.

In a day, for how much time   do you wonder? For how many minutes  do you wonder?


Most of you are living in cities    and when you look up, you don’t see anything. Getting up in the morning and seeing the sun is a wonder. To see the sunset, the moon, stars and the mountains     is a wonder.


How many of you wonder: ‘Why am  I doing what I am doing?’

How many of you examine:  ‘Why am I living like this? What’s my  life’s purpose?’


All parents want their daughters  to get married. Why? Why are they so concerned? If you have nothing to wonder about, you  get bored and you get caught up.

There are many things to wonder about. Let’s wonder about boredom and prepare a thesis.  We can do a full Master degree’s on boredom.


Should we do useless or useful things? You are wondering what   is useless and what is useful, but most of you don’t think about  ‘Wonder’.

No stable person will ask this question, he will be doing ‘useful things’. Very few people do use-less things in the world. Knowing    that they are doing useless things is a very important secret.

Don’t do any useless thing, don’t sing and don’t dance. For these three days only meditate, take   the japa mala and do japa /chanting. Don’t waste your time, don’t eat, don’t sleep, it’s just a waste.


Now if a person feels he is  doing something useful, can he   stop doing it? Does he have the freedom to stop? So will he ever be free from karma, from doing this?  Never!


Karma bound


People have a measuring system, to measure if something is useful or not. If you are paid to do something, it is considered to be  useful.


Finally, what matters is money.     A person writes a software program because he is paid. So   it’s useful, right or not? So if I give you the course for free,      you think it is useless. But, if I say you have to pay Rs.1 lakh, you feel  it is very, very important.

The skill lies in how much I can    make you pay! Can you value free things in this world? Should you carry lots of money? You    may need some money to go from here back to your home.


But to go back to your real home do you need any money?


Wherever you are at present    that is your real home, for that,   do you need any money?


To talk is one thing, to realize     this is another. To be free do you need lots of money, lots of diamonds? So do you want to      be free or you want some comfort? If you carry money, somebody may take it. Is that comfort?


How much comfort do you   want? How much money do you want  to carry?


So, do you want to be free       or comfortable?

Actually, you feel it is uncomfortable to raise hands so you   remain comfortable. Your life is all about comfort, not freedom.


How many really want to be    free? You want to give up your    life for freedom? 100%?


I want to dedicate my life for freedom. You are ready to give   up everything; if you die also, it does not matter. It does not matter if your husband, your child or the whole world throws you   out.


If you think you are doing  what you are supposed to do, are  you free?

Do you want freedom? Do you want the ability to do what you  are supposed to do or you want freedom to do things others feel  you should do?

This is only for people who want freedom. Now what is stopping you?


You feel that by bearing the burden of a family, you are responsible? That’s why you feel they are free? Is your wife’s freedom dependent on you being responsible for her? Definitely not! But you have this notion that it’s like that. This is not true,     it’s a big Maya / illusion.


Now you are free so what to do? This is very interesting: why do you want to bind yourself  to what I say? It’s not my word or anybody else’s word. Nobody can take it away from you. And  you don’t tell your wife: ‘Guruji told me that you are free’. Then don’t come with me.


Even if they mind, are you free or not? Whether they give you the approval or not, are  you free or not?