Excerpts taken from the book ‘Clarity is Power’ by Gary H Karp.


Guru is a presence and not a person. The closer you feel with your Guru, the closer you feel with yourself. The more you are attracted towards the Guru, the more independent you become. The more surrendered you feel to the Guru, the more you feel your own freedom. 


A seeker’s relationship with the Guru does begin with the person; begins with communication; begins through the senses; begins with doubt; begins like any other relationship; begins as an outside-in experience. More and more you grow in love with your Guru, the more and more you are able to understand the love of your Guru, it becomes a presence; it becomes a communion; it transcends the senses; it becomes one of faith; it becomes a oneness like no other relationship; it becomes inside-out. 


Distance and time are associated only with something outside of you. But, a Guru is a presence in you; with you; operating from within you…. The intelligence behind your intelligence; the energy of your life; your very subconscious; in fact, your DNA. 

The only befitting expression of a seeker is, “Guru, when I am with you, I am with you. Even when I am not with you, I am still with you.”