Testimonial – 1

Dear Mam,

This week I learned about different levels of Gratitude. Level 1 and level 2 i was familiar and was practicing it for sometime now

But level 3 Gratitude for family members relationships and level 4 Gratitude for utilities electricity , water etc. This was very surprising. And when i started to pay attention to them i realised that we take too many things for granted and then regret only when it’s too late.

Will share my personal experience,
I was very close to my grandparents and after coming to Pune for job i got too busy in work that i hardly used talk with them. I used to call them once in week or so. Everytime they will say why don’t you call us and i had no answer. I also loved them but it’s just that i was too busy in the work and took them for granted. But suddenly in 2017 i receive a call from home only to know my grandfather is no more. And then in 2018 also lost my grandmother to critical illness.
This was very heart breaking for me. And still this is the biggest regret for me. I wanted to spend time with them. Make them happy.

I wish i was aware of this knowledge little early. But it’s never too late.

Thank you mam for sharing these videos and thank you Manojji for explaining each level in simple understandable way.

Thank you,
Jinendra Ghodke

Testimonial – 2

Dear Divine One

RSVK Guide  System initiated by
Rushi Shree Amrut Vivek
Manoj ji , is uniquly aligned with the Laws of Universe..

Contributing to Self
is always 1st stage..
In other words to explain this , myself will give an example…

If we love ourselves truely by accepting us as we are
and work towards betterment of self , then loving others and others loving us automatically happens..

Many of us though know that DAAN / Dakshina / Donation is good ; still we may  need to be have very clear understanding of the Law of Giving ..

Many successful people follow this law judiciously.. Some of us also may be following this law of the Universe.

The understanding and following of
The GUIDE System  is the starting point ( 1 st stage ) of contributing towards ourselves!
The second stage of giving back to the society , will follow automatically!

The  recommendations stated namely
A ) 5% to the source where we learn ( in our case RSVK )

B ) 5 %  back to societal causes ( wherever your heart is connected )

These guidelines of contributing , makes us uderstand the DAAN arthat The Law of Giving

By our contribution ,
we start walking on the path of Abdunce with effortless ease..

Divinely Yours
In Gratitude


Testimonial – 3

Journey with guide :
Journey with guide is truly amazing journey.
I was mentally more stressed out for my kid. Guide coming in your life is the life changing moment.  The first time when I met I observed him more and more thanking everything , something that was different for me but I started following and life started changing. Guide helped me in my all situations , given the confidence to believe  on getting results . Helped me clearing blocks , sometime even if you don’t share your problem then also you get the answers its magic I guess. Guide really taught true way of living life. This is the complete new learning for me and I m happy with it.
Result :
My daughter was not walking when I met guide , after applying tools it started showing me results . After sometime she did independent standing with supporting shoes , again after sometime she is doing now perfect independent standing and walking. Thank you so much.

Lots of love