Amazing Experience with LiYa sms and my guide


I have been writing LiYa sms for some time now. And I have been guided by Sarita maa for almost 5 months now. Earned 2 smilies. Eager to get 3rd one…. And some thing amazing happened with me in mid….


I run my own abacus centre in Pune. For 4 years now. It’s a franchisee business. And for this year I had few targets to achieve in terms of new admissions.


In last week of June I had a meeting with my director and he advised try to achieve your target of 52 new admissions by end of Sep.


I was actually skeptical as it takes a lot of time and effort to bring every new admission. Still I started working on it and started including it in my LiYa sms.


In between I quit LiYa twice but my guide brought me back on track 😉😇😌 and I am forever thankful to her because only due to her persistence, for first month after meeting, I included in my LiYa that a rapid word of Mouth is happening and I am getting new admissions. And to my surprise, I got 14 new admissions in month of July.


Seeing this, I actually got smitten by this power of manifestation! ✨✨✨


But then 52 was still far. So without thinking much, I started including in my LiYa sms that by end of Sept, I’m getting 40-50 new admissions. 😁


I had no clue and no time to work on how I’m going to get these in just 2 months!


In between many different challenges too came…. Family responsibilities, emotional confusions, physical setbacks etc.. And at these times the one person who came to my rescue every single time was my guide Sarita maa 😘😘😘😘 she just never gave up on me…. I felt amazed how much priority she gives to me…. Her love for me and her efforts kept me motivated to be consistent in my LiYa sms.. Every day reading my own wish…. A wish that was very clear 🌟✨


So my mind was clear about what it wants.. It wanted 40 new admissions by Sept…. And end of Aug, I received a miraculous call from my director!! 📞✨


He offered me an extension centre almost 4 kms from my existing one.. Which was on the verge of shutting down.. And had 40 students hoping for a miracle.. A new teacher….!!!!!


Alas! What a turning point it was…. I was actually speechless and thoughtless on this offer.. All I could think off was OMG! I asked for it and I am getting it….!?!!! Isn’t it a MIRRRAACLLEEEE 🌟✨🌟✨😘✨😘🌟✨😘✨


It indeeeeeed was… It indeed is 🙌🙌🙌🙌


I am truly smitten by this magic of manifestation ✨✨


Super thanks to my guide sarita maa ❤❤


Super duper thanks to LiYa and to Manoj ji ❤❤


Super se uper thanks to this whole magical thing called manifestation ❤❤

By Guidee