Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


From building factories to building men: 


My pursuit of Transcendental Medi-tation and effortlessness brought  me to several years of seva to Maharishi at Switzerland and then to India.

On my return I was to   build factories for Maharishi’s work.

My natural inclination was to raise human consciousness and not build factories.

I began to go deeply into myself. I started teaching hundreds. 

I got a clue to the secret of meditation, but had not fully experienced or understood it.


I saw that total effortlessness is the key. Even the use of the mantra as is done in TM was a hindrance to this effortless flow.

I saw that people around Maharishi had not understood this great clue.

They were still living from holding  on to things. There was competitiveness.

They had engrossed them-selves as people who are going to change the world.

A subtle ego that we are better than others had developed.

As a result, I saw a lot of corruption arising from power and money.


Master Bhagwan Vishweshwaraiah guides my Meditations


I expressed my difficulty of being unable to go into myself and doing my experiments on myself, to my Master.

After much consideration, Master told me to just practice my silent  meditations.

This was the most critical period  of my life. I had intuited total effortlessness.

I knew that any struggle represented an untruth – a transgression from the divine law  of harmony.

Now I had to formulate the whole science as a practice and as a theory.


    My Intense Intuitive Sadhana


All the books spoke of hard   Sadhana to realise your highest potential.

Here I was with a totally opposite view  and a practice to go with it.


During the period of 1979-80-81, I found myself meditating mostly on the puzzles of life.

I would barely come out of my room. I would be    in thoughtless awareness for days on end.

Poetry would simply flow out of me.

Insights would dawn.

I would be in quiet ecstasy!


I would come out and formulate  this new insight into the trainings in meditation.

I started noticing that the course became more and more powerful and people were being miraculously cured of all kinds of ailments.


  Hold  the Secret  of Samadhi


This process of going inwards for insights and answers and coming  out to expand it in the SSY course began.

I realised that I had gotten  the great mystery of Samadhi.

It was so simple yet very profound. I could see how this knowledge can be lost so easily to effort.

Everyone gets caught in Karma / effort and that is Karma Bandhana.


Secret of Effortless Action   Still Evading


By 1980, I had clearly understood  the inwardness process.

Still effort-less action was somehow evading me.

Its pure theoretical formulation was still missing.

I had experienced effortless being but did not know how it happened.

I could not get to   it as a process – through an understanding.


The  Gift of  EST 


Now came my great experience of seeing Gods everywhere. It was in a training called EST formulated by  Werner Erhard in California. It opened my awareness to a whole new possibility of Samadhi in action.


I owe a lot to the great teachings  of Werner. He had received it or intuited  it from the Zen Masters.

Being in Samadhi whilst in action   was a whole new area which I investigated from 1981 to 1983 – through the Advanced Enlightenment Trainings.

They were great experiments in human conscious-ness – taking the mind to zero and leaving it hanging in activeness.

Then the aspects of talking without  talking, seeing without seeing became visible but not yet clear.


 Creative Mechanics Unveiled 


Soon I got a wonderful insight into another mode of working of human consciousness called Creating.

This was beautifully formulated as a science by Robert Fritz in Boston.

I studied the science under him and got  a deep understanding of it.


With this the formulation of SSY as the science of human consciousness at work was complete.

Both process and experience is possible along  with the theoretical basis.


Now we have a system that can elevate man to God. It produces powerful men who are able to build harmony.

A great nation was in the making.

All that was needed to build an automatic system of management has been laid open.

The revelation has such power that it  propagates itself.


Manifestations under the SSY Title:

The Fun Club, the Clean India Campaign were offsprings of this new understanding.

The Fun Club seed has been planted.

The tree is growing.

Now fruits and flowers have begun to manifest.

Everything happens by itself now.

We are on  this path of joyfulness.

We are in the state of everything is O.K.

We know how to reach Everything is O.K.