Condensed From Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


In the last issue we read: Child Prabhakar was inspired to great-ness by his father’s vision and guidance of Bhagwan. With the guidance of Yogananda’s books he practiced meditation for the first time. As he realised his responsibility, his strength multiplied and    he became an extraordinary student. A trip to Dakshineshwar gave him the power of Viveka-nand’s teachings. He then left to study in America: now read on. ~  


Disheartened with Western Management: 

I received my first year’s intensive training. I had not received what    I wanted to be: the manager of a nation. I somehow completed my second year looking for   more insights on how to raise my country from its present conditions. This I had not received from the best universities in the world.


Meditation enters my life: 

Then came my entry into a totally new science while I was studying management. I had become torn from extreme pressures of study. I found myself nervous and taut. I   had developed examination fear etc. My friend Arjun came from a family of Meditators. We were staying together. I found his quiet loving ways wonderful. I started to study what he valued – those books on Radhasoami Satsangs. They at once released me from a great dilemma. I started the simple meditations taught there. This worked miraculously. In just three days  I was no longer nervous. 


It was such a great gift. I knew that this science has far greater answers than all my MBA study.   I began to delve more into it. I began to search for a teacher, a Guru to take me further. It is during this search that I came across my great Master, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh   Yogi and the Transcendental Meditation program.


Role  of Maharishi:

I was initiated in July 1974 into TM  by my beloved teacher Elizabeth Morrison. I began to experience something that was like the nectar and strength of my life. I was taught about the phenomenon of effort-lessness. This is the great contribution of Maharishiji to the field of spiritual  sciences.


I began to study this effortlessness and Bhagvad Gita took on a new meaning – thanks to Maharishiji’s commentary. I was becoming more and more solidly established both    in experience and understanding in the science of effortlessness.


Training  under Maharishi:

Maharishi’s grand vision of an ideal society brought about through effortlessness captivated me. This was just what I was in search of.   This could be applied on a large scale to society and significant changes brought about. While Western management focused on changing things external, this Indian Management focused on changing the individual from within, it   focused on producing a powerful, loving individual who will naturally build harmony around him. Automatic organization would take place in the presence of such an individual. I was captivated by it. It was my dream solution to the  Indian situation.


Intense  Meditations: 

I went about practicing meditation more and more intensely. I began to observe and study the process of meditation very carefully. I gained a lot of superior knowledge by being  in Maharishi’s presence and the teachers’ training programs. Maha-rishi with the help of scientists of the order of Nobel laureates in Physics was trying to formulate the unified theory which is based on   the fundamental level of human consciousness – that of Turiya Avastha – the thoughtless awareness state. It is a great adventure and I think this is the right direction in which to proceed. I feel that the scientists are still not meditating deeply enough to grasp this found-ation. They have to be taught the creative process and only by deeply going into themselves will they discover  this unified field theory.