By A. Parthasarathy


Another important facet of business management is to be steadfast, consistent in what you do. Consistency of purpose gives the finishing touch to a well programmed business schedule.  


Business person and professionals  must realize that their work require reflection, planning and programming.  


WHEN YOU WORK thus with selfish desire you entertain worries of the past and anxieties for the future. Which saps your energy. Worry and anxiety causes fatigue. You soon become exhausted at work. And you believe that work is tiring. This is far from the truth. Work can never tier you. That actually tiers you is worry over the past & anxiety of the future. That explain why children being free of worry or anxiety never get tired.  


Unselfish action is the action driven by an unselfish desire to serve a common cause. It could be benefit one’s corporation, community or country. Instead one’s embraces the general welfare of people.  


Selfish action is action performed in a spirit of renunciation. When one identifies with the supreme self. No anxiety to gain benefit. It is work for work sake.  


Everything in this cosmos functions detachedly in a spirit of service and sacrifice. Then sun gives light and validity.  


But action could loose its value if not given a proper direction. What are you working for? your goal? So the next value you need to pursue is to fix a ideal for action above your self-centered interest, selfish desire.  


Where there is an attitude of unselfishness, a spirit of service and sacrifice there would be power, strength in that person or organization.