By A. Parthasarathy


The human personality is constituted of on outer body and two inner equipment’s known as the mind and intellect. the mind is made up of feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes. The intellect is the faculty to think, reason, judge, decide. The intellect maintaining its governance over the mind’s activity is self-management.  


A person acting impulsively is like a drunken driver at the wheel of car. And acting with discretion would be sober driving. Like drunken driving, impulsive actions could prove detrimental, even fatal.    


The technique of time management involves initial planning and programming of your life’s activity. Designing your plan of action for a life time.   


What is the purpose, goal, ideal, you have set to work for. Thinking on those lines you must fix your life’s goal/s.  


Those who cannot conceive the entire span of life and do not programme their actions live from moment, to moment, day to day. Such people would fall a prey to the constant pressure of work and time.  


Swadharma one’s own nature and paradharma alien nature of yourself and of those you work with.