By A. Parthasarathy


Paradox Life  

Action and peace do not coexist, where there is action, production and prosperity there is no peace and contentment. And where there is peace and contentment there is hardly any action, production, prosperity. The western word bristles with external activity and is affluent but lacks inner peace. While the eastern world rests in relative peace but lacks action and affluence.   


You are the architect of your fortune or misfortune. You make yourself, you mar yourself.     


Humans alone are blessed with the choice of action. All other species in creation are provided with a specific mode of life for them to live by and die.  


As a result of their impulsive behavior human beings are attached to their worldly possessions and relationships.   


There is no such thing as time management. However, a nagging problem that business executives face today is a self-imposed paucity of time. They grumble perennially at the lack of time. And their work input is impaired by hurrying and worrying all through life. The turnover of their businesses could range from a few hundred thousand to billions. But they all have loads of work hanging over them. They work late hours.   


Thus when one complains of time management one actually means work management. To complete a quantum of work in a given time. And that needs the discipline of proper planning and programming.   


People are rushing to meet the deadline for completion of their assignment. They make desperate attempts to achieve it and invariable fail  


The reason for their failure is the improper balancing of the equation between workload and time. In customizing work with available time. Which need the organizational skill to plan their actions well in advance.   


However those at work cannot conceive that the problem of completing their business in time is internal. They believe it lies in a host of external factors in the workload, in their working conditions, the cooperation of their colleagues etc. none realizes that the problem lies within oneself. That one needs to manage anything external in life. One can accomplish this when the intellect maintains a perfect control over the mind and its digressions. That is self- management.  


Time management+work management=self-management