Excerpts from the book ‘The Honeymoon Effect’ by Bruce Lipton


 “Language was designed to hide feeling.” To create the Honeymoon Effect in your life, you’ll need to take advantage of your wonderful innate gift, the ability to sense good and bad vibrations. And to do so you’ll likely have to overcome the programming you received in your youth, although that’s not the only programming you’ll have to undo, as I will explain in chapter 4.  


So many of us learned from a young age to ignore messages we receive energetically: “Don’t listen to your feelings. Listen to the words.”  


Originally,  Newtonian physics held that the atom was the smallest particle of the Universe. In fact, the word atoms come from the Greek uncutable atoms are Electrons subatomic particles, these smaller subatomic particles are not made of matter–they are not physical at all. I love showing the following image of the Newtonian atom versus the quantum atom. Newtonian – Quantum Atom 


Happily Ever After- is constructive interference, otherwise known as good vibes. Good vibes are nature’s way of telling you that you’re in the right place or with the right person. Destructive interference, otherwise known as bad vibes, is nature’s way of alerting you to potential compromising threats. Now that you understand the science behind a phenomenon that you’ve no doubt already noticed- that some people energize you and some people exhaust you– I hope you’ll make it a practice to surround yourself with people who enhance your energy. A shoe sale  at Nordstrom. You find five pairs of shoes you like. Another example is when visit someone’s house and think, Wow, it’s so beautiful.  


To represent the power of our tuning-fork brain, let’s affix images expressing different emotional “energies” to each of the four goblets in the illustration on the next page.  Goblet W features a photo of an angry couple, face to face, screaming at each other. Goblet X’s photo shows an ecstatic honeymooning couple celebrating a very romantic dinner. Goblet Y illustrates the vexing  scenario of How in the world did I end up with this guy. Goblet Z’s image is a combative couple blaming each other before a divorce court judge. 


Given the choices, it’s an easy decision to zero in on goblet X, so let’s impact goblet X again, this time using not a visible tuning-fork but the thoughts broadcast by you tuning-fork brain. Through constructive interference, your thoughts will energize life experiences that are resonant with the images created by your mind. Focus on goblet X’s photo and your emotional exuberance in those day/weeks/months/years when you were in the full throes of happily Ever After. Forget about the guy who dumped you after you paid his way through law school. Forget about the woman who left you for the dot-com billionaire. Just banish any experiences you’ve had with the scenes from Goblets W, Y, & Z from your thoughts- you don’t want to create constructive interference with those image because they’ll wind up on your doorstep! While the images represented by goblets W, Y, & Z are not activated by your thoughts, the image in goblet X is. When our thoughts resonate with that image, the harmonious scenario of ecstatic couple will manifest in our lives.  


These goblet analogies illustrate how it is to shift your passionately negative, fearful, angry thoughts and emotions to passionately positive ones in order to create the Honeymoon Effect in your life. Consider which of the goblet images are most familiar to you and, if the answer is all but X, take a look at your thoughts. You can create the life/goblet vision you want by making sure that the thoughts you broadcast reflect exactly what you want to bring into your life. If you’re always broadcasting anger about your previous relationships, the same kind of destructive relationship is going to show up at your door again. If you avoid such negative thoughts and images, those scenes will likely not come alive in your life. 


Human and animal predators instinctively understand this. Take the example of the lioness I opened this chapter with. Unlike human hunters, the lioness isn’t looking for the trophy gazelle with the biggest horns to be mounted on the wall of her den! She is interested in eating. So she does a quick energetic scan of the options and picks the weakest gazelle to tangle with, the one she senses will put up the least fight and so provide the fastest, easiest way to get dinner. 


Beliefs are all negative because negative is all I’ve experienced. If you’re a persistent naysayer, here is some good news to stew over. Even if your relationships have been disasters and you’re still bitter about them, just fake it for a while. When you shift your thinking to focus on the love, support, and close emotional relationship depicted in goblet X (even if it seems like a scene from a planet unknown to you or from a honeymoon that you experienced once for a week in the distant past), you can attract that kind of relationship into your life. You can attract that loving relationship even if you’ve never experienced one in the past. But if you continue to wallow in the kinds of images and experiences illustrated in the other goblets, they’re going to continue to be the only ways you experience relationships. 


Live and enjoy the fact that you are a creator, not a victim of your life. You can have the kinds of relationships you want by using your brain as a tuning fork that resonates with what you want to create and avoids thinking about what you don’t want to bring into your life. You are manifesting your life. You have the freedom to create what you want to create.  


The moral of that story is this: “Be conscious of what you lust for!” I unconsciously chose to be driven solely by hormones, and I could have chosen differently. If human beings are just biological machines, lust is going to pull you around (as it did me for a while). When you add consciousness, you become the driver of the machine. You are no longer predictable. Even astrologers recognize that when individuals become conscious, astrology isn’t as accurate because people become far less predictable.  


We create our lives with our beliefs, and we broadcast those beliefs into the energetic environment around us. We are creating our relationships, and with that knowledge, we have the freedom to create whatever kinds of relationships we want!