Golden Words From Guruji  

Condensed From Talks by – Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji.


According to our sages, the definition of development is very simple. 


A person, who uses the least amount of resources, and is able to live very joyfully,   

is a developed person. His quest is to live happily, on as little as possible. 


According to Sant Kabir, what is it that we require in life? We just need ‘Ek roti, Ek Langoti aur Ram Naam’. (One bread, one cloth and chant the Lord’s name). A person who lives on ‘Ek Roti, Ek Langoti’ and sees Rama in everybody, is definitely the richest man on earth, because  he  doesn’t need anything else.  


I have learnt to live very simply and I know that, that’s all that is   needed. Life is very, very easy. What needs to be learnt is how to live on the least amount, very happily. It doesn’t mean that you should not have a computer or a car. Have it and use it when you really need it.  


Gandhiji and Anna Hazare are our two role models in this regard. They are true Vairagis (unattached) and that is why I prostrate before them. True greatness comes from simplicity.