Condensed from Talks by Pujya Guruji Shree  Rishi  Prabhakarji from RishiVani.


Is our happiness individual or collective?

Can we be happy when  another is weeping?

How much do we care for the crying baby, in others?

Can we really add to the collective happiness? Or should we just mind our business, and behave as though others don’t exist?

How far can we go on not including our surroundings? Is the  air I breathe come from the next  person?

Can I use an A/C when my neighbor cannot sleep at night?

What  authority  do  I  have to use   all that has come to me by grace  or  heredity  or  effort? 

Should I self regulate my use of resources to the minimum for me  to be of service to my neighbour, or can I use as much as I want for  my comfort and existence?

What should I learn to self regulate, so  that I am not a pain to my neighbour?

  Should  I  advertise  so  much  that  my  neighbour  cannot  exist? 

Should Multi Nationals and most of all big Gurus ponder over this question? 

‘Non-Doing,’ is a resolution to the above kind of questions; it has no specific  answer  for  doing  a  thing. It  silences  you  and  adds  meaning  to  life. 


Non-doing leads to the Spirit of DOING. Spirit is Eternal, DOING is  material, it’s  transitory  like  the  body. When  you  are  Spirited, Life  is  Full. ~